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1000 postal cards, envelopes, wrappers

Have probably over a 1000 mint postal cards, envelopes, wrappers, aerogrammes, etc. Also multiples of some separated postal reply cards from companies/organizations from the early 20th century. Some of the cat#s of the mint copies are UC32, UC64, UC38, UC39, UC59, UC46, UC60, UC61, UC63, UC63a, UX38, UX44, UX46, UX53, UX50, UX48, UX51, etc... Multiples of each for example, I counted around 100 of UX51, 20 of UC46, 263 of UX53, 30 of UC60, 31 of UC39 and so on. Cat value is over a grand, but not expecting anywhere near that. Make an offer and I'll consider. Thanks.

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