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Hi All image
this item below is not common. It is a heavyweight acid free textured cardstock printed photo of the complete Honeymooners cast from a single signing, likely when the lost episodes came out. They were rarely all in one place at the same time. All signed boldly in felt tip and all undedicated but all with salutations! Items like this are usually seen with mixed ball-point and felt tip signatrures, and usually with 2 or 3 dedications ("To Bobby" etc..). And almost always from multiple signings and it shows. Many have condition problems such as wrinkles and creases. Classic bus images withh all four signatures sell for $450 to $900 give or take. This item is in excellent condition - 9 of 10 in my book. It is crisp to say the least. Sharp corners even!

It was just declined by a major auction house only because of the normal age-related tone around Jackie's signature which is due to the ink used - not improper storage or anything else. It was a part of the signing and natural age - there is NO WEAR.

I wonder how many of you would decline this item solely based on this "flaw"?

Thanks for your opinions. To my mind, the only person who would reject this on those grounds would be an "investor" and not a collector. I have never seen this minor a problem keep any collector away from a good piece.




  • That stain helps authenticity. Funny thing that they would deny it on those claims. I would buy this if I were a collector due to the condition of the picture itself. Don't see how too much depreciation would be caused from that ink stain.
  • Well I have been learning from you sir. You honeymooner photo is an awesome autograph platform. Also very authentic in terms of chemical analysis with the Ink bleeding stain that happens with age. Another good thing is there are others to compare your own example too.

    If you had put your photo in the auction do you think you would have got the real value, undervalued, or overvalued price for it?

    Maybe your item is better to sell only when the buyer comes along and is confirmed. Not when the product is put in the market blindly without knowing a firm buyer is ready an available.
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