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Louisville Slugger bat Autographed by Hank Aaron

Can anybody tell me what an orginal A99 louisville Slugger Hank Aaron bat, autograhed in Blue Ink with best wishes, Hank Aaron is worth, I bought it at an American heart Association in 1986. I have the box that it was delivered in, addressed to the local radio station with the Braves main office as the return address on it. It was solicted and donated by the local radio station who carried the Braves games. It is in mint shape.
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  • magikbillymagikbilly Posts: 6,780
    assuming it is authentic (I'd like to see scan image) - here is a link to the R&R closed auction page - lists prices realized for closed auction. I see a ball signed closed for $70 and a bat closed in 2001 for $52. In "the books" he lists for around $200 for a signed bat - prices vary for this signer.

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