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Question for magikbilly :)

You seem to be the local auto expert and I was wondering if you could give me some advice/your opinion. Are any of the autographs I see on ebay of John Wayne likely real? I'm looking for a nice REAL auto of his for one of my grandfathers but I'm sort of clueless as to what is real and what isn't. I don't want to spend 100's of dollars for a fake. How much would a real auto of his cost and how can I tell it's real(which coa companys are the most trustworthy?)? Thanks for any and all replies image


  • magikbillymagikbilly Posts: 6,780
    Yes, with the exception of the odd genuine item offered by a reputable dealer (and I have not seen one) those are all fakes on eBay (sewer of the hobby). John Wayne lists for around $400 for just a plain signature. A signed photo would be around $600-$1000 or more. When buying an item of this value and rarity it is best to only buy from an extablished dealer, like Richard Simon of NY who has impeccable credentials and has been employed by the courts as an expert in forgery cases (NOT a forensic expert - that is not desirable). COA's are essentially worthless - only as good as the person who writes it. If someone is willing to forge a signature they will not hesitate to forge a COA. This link is to the completed auctions page at R&R Auctions, and shows the past completed auctions for John Wayne items. This will give an idea of what these things will bring in terms of value. You are looking for either a SIG (signature on a slip of paper like an album page) or a SP which is a signed photograph. If you are really interested write me and I will try to help you find a dealer or an auction house.

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  • I figured as much about the auto's on ebay but wasn't sure because I really don't know much about this subject. Thanks for the info. I might be interested but at a high end of 1,000 I'm not to sure. When/if I do decide to get one I'll try and pm you or post on this forum again. Thanks again for all your help, appriciated image

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