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    I knew it as soon as I saw the thread title - sorry - that is his infamous preprint - it is not handsigned. It fools many people but I don't know why. It is old news, but still all over the net. This is why it is essential for any collector to understand as much as they can ingest about pens, ink and paper etc., as well as signing habits. Here is one of many of these preprints - same as yours:

    link to preprint Carrey

    Best and sorry,
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    This type of preprint is among the easiest to spot - if this has gotten past you into your collection as "authentic" you might wish to read the thread I wrote about Autopens. Also, there is much info about other forms of preprints/forgeries etc. For some reason people simply refuse to believe the truth - the overwhelming majority of modern celeb sigs are secretarial at BEST. VERY rare to get a handsigned item anymore.
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