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Just won these.. Hopefully I can use them for my custom cut card creations.

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    Hiya image

    Nice! Where do you buy most of your sigs? I have slowed down my collecting. Last things I got - Nat King Cole signed printed photo with Cookie Cole in front of his new house in 1949 (the neighborhood that caused him a bit of trouble); a unique candid of Bud and Lou hamming on the street in Hollywood 1952 (KILLER!) and another unique photo of Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall in 1961.
    I really am running out of "favorite" films and plays image One of these days I will post a complete list of my collection. 1932-1979 (2 from the 80's). I keep forgetting to post my Apocalypse Now sig and still in the OF - it should go over well there. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations! Did you find contact info for Linenco? I will get it to you if not.

    Billy image
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    Hey Billy,

    Your collection sounds pretty awesome. So far I've been really lucky finding them on eBay. I plan on buying some from Rich at albersheims.com if he has any that I can use. He may not ever have anything for me though since he sells deceased player autographs to the sports card companies like Upper Deck. Finding lineco adhesive wasn't a problem at all, thanks for asking and offering to find info about it for me.


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    Nice autos.
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