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100th post, small giveaway, answer and winner

Well my 100th post is here and I wish to thank all those who have helped me in my quest for morgans..... as a new collector I don't have a lot but what is up is a 1965 franklin mint coin designed by Gilroy Roberts. It's a christmas coin struck in Franklinium ll, only struck in Dec. of 1965 (first xmas coin from the franklin). dont have pics cause my camera is sitting in the Nikon shop for warranty. The obverse shows a dove with peace on earth and the reverse show two earths with the inscription good will to men of all nations, comes in a red folder with seasons greetings. I would like it to go to a new collector like myself or a YN (or you can win and give it to one of the two). The winner will answer 2 questions (1st to answer both wins) after all I am a biologist....lol. Question 1# what is charles darwins mothers maiden name, and #2 what was his "orginal position on the HMS Beagle" (hint, note quotations). Will take all answers till tues. at 6:am my time it is now 8:25ish. if no winners for both I will draw from those who have one and if not will draw from posts...... again I thank those who have helped me especially.... well you know who you are.....

cheers Rob

Everybody was close and all got the first one , Wedgewood, The second one was tricky,

Back in 1931 the captain of a ship was not permitted to associate with the common crew (class) so he would have to bring on a companion. Again back then the ships doctor was usually also the naturalist. To make a long story short Darwin was brought on as a companion to the captain. The ships doctor got sick, and had to leave his duties. As it turned out Darwin and the captain did not really get along and Darwin having a great interest in biology (his grandfather was a biologist) became the naturalist.

All names went into the hat and the winner is


PM me your addy and I will ship....
Thanks all
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