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British stamp yearbooks

The most impressive way to view the entire year's British Stamps is within the pages of the exquisitely designed and produced hardback Yearbook, which this year celebrates its 20th edition. Comes complete with all the year's Special Stamps to insert in the protective carriers in each chapter, while the book explores the fascinating stories behind the stamps' creation and the subjects. Superbly illustrated, a great addition to any collection, or the perfect gift,even to non philatelists,as a beautiful coffee table book.


The following yearbooks are available:
1998 $36,1999+2000 $76,2001 $34,2002 $36 (+shipping)

The 1999 and 2000 form the Millenium set (two books). Also the 2003 yearpack available at $29.
-to avoid misunderstandings, this is not a promo, only one volume of each year is available,
this is (part of) my personal collection that I'm selling, at prices below or equal to the stamps' total nominal value-

yearpack: image

The current (2003 + 2004)yearbooks are sold by Royal Mail at the price of GBP33.95- 75.00 ($65- $140 ) per volume, link
while the previous years (offered here) can only be bought at philatelic shops,usually around $80-$100 per volume.
Also available various British First Day Covers from 1997-2004 including the magnificent Millenium Pack in its special box,containing 25FDCs.

PM for more details, British stamps are really cool and inexpensive.

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