o-pee-chee baseball 1968-1975

Can someone help me with the REAL prices of these cards.

One guy tells me they are 80% of the topps issue.
A canadian dealer tells me the beckett says they
are 125% of the topps issue.

Who is right ?image


  • For Star cards that Player Set Collectors need the prices can get out of control, if at least two guys are going after them. Once that conflict ceases to exist you will have a problem getting decent money for them.

    Outside of Star cards, I think you have to find the few collectors who actually try to build OPC sets, and there aren't many of them. 67Standup, comes to mind, as he seems to be into the rare and exotic.

    If you have any good Nolan Ryan's from those years, either Keith(Con40) or I would throw some decent coin at high grade examples.

    Scott Jeanblanc
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    Ebay UserId: sjeanblanc
    Collecting Nolan Ryan cards (68-94)
  • Much rarer - but even much less collected. Player collectors will highly demand the stars - but the commons from these years do not seem to have much of a market except in very high grade - and even then it trails that of the Topps issues.
    I am actively buying MIKE SCHMIDT gem mint baseball cards. Also looking for any 19th century cabinets of Philadephia Nationals. Please PM with additional details.
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    Hard to say. I will go with neither one. If you plopped a complete set of raw 1974 OPC cards on the table and they were in NM condition, and you plopped a set of raw 1974 Topps cards on the table, same condition, I would gladly pay at least double if not triple for the OPC set. 1974 OPC cards are very scarce compared to the other years.

    I have experience with a 1971 OPC raw set (PSA 8 and PSA 7 singles...maybe 60 graded cards, a few stars) that went for $4,100 or so. 1975 OPC would maybe bring 1.5 to 2 times. 1973 OPC about the same.

    Harder to tell with the other years (since there are fewer cards in each OPC set). If you just look at high grade star singles, the OPC should go higher (much harder for the registry player collectors to obtain). I know that I would gladly pay much more for NM or better "commons" of any of those years since I might never see them again.

    Just my 2 cents (1 cent Canadian).

  • I've spoken to Joe O a few times about adding a footnote regarding the relative scarcity of OPC. Don't be surprised if you see the results of these conversations in future editions of the SMR.

    Most collectors - especially those in the OPC know - place a 10-20% premium on OPCs. There are many key cards that will command a super premium, e.g., 1975 Ryan PSA 9 OPC sold for $1700+.

    It's hit or miss. I just sold a raw NM off-center 1974 OPC Schmidt for $8, the 2004 SCC has it listed for $65. Most are not aware that 1974 is probably the toughest or 2nd toughest OPC year.

    Waseca-Collection and Charzride sell OPC high grades for high premiums. If one of the few OPC collectors – like me – needs it (or a player collector), then the asking price is realized. However, many times such listings do not receive any bids.

    This was a lengthy way to not really answer your question.

    ...my two American cents, but .7109 in CAD (based on today's average retail exchange rate.)
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    Hi Marc

    are we talking about raw or graded?

    the true answer is , it depends. I know I will pay a premium for high grade cards that i want and need. the cards are pretty tough to find in high grade since production was low and quality control was terrible. I have paid over book for raw cards of players like yaz that I need. I have also bid well over book for graded cards and not even come close at times. Cards like bench , clemente , mays , ryan, yaz will always sell at or above the topps counterpart.

    the 68 ryan rookie in psa 7 just went for 900+ but a topps will sell for 400.

    I have sold a few of my 72's and 73's and every card has sold for a premium to the topps. every star card that I have bought graded , i have paid a premium to the topps. commons do not sell too much because noone is building sets
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    67standup just made another good point, out side of the scarcity, centering will play the biggest part . o/c / miscut cards can still be found so they probably won't bring to much . If the cards are centered and high grade, the gloves come off.
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    << <i>commons do not sell too much because noone is building sets >>

    Except me (and 67Standup, and that one other guy, I forget his name). image
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    All in all, I've found the market for 1972 graded OPC's to be very spotty. Occasionaly, the PSA 9's will top $50 apiece. But, then the next time around - I can pick them up for $30 apiece. There is almost no market for PSA 8's at anything above $8 apiece. The last round of Browntoni auction closed on a night when Justsnipe went down and cancelled all of my auctions. The 8's that I would have bid on all closed below $10 each.

    As for raw 72 OPC's. There is more interest than in the graded - but not by much... I have bought several complete 72 OPC baseball sets for around $500 apiece. If you take into account the rarity compared to Topps - these sets should be selling for well more than a Topps set in similar condition - but instead, they go for half...
    Frank Bakka
    Sets - 1970, 1971 and 1972
    Always looking for 1972 O-PEE-CHEE Baseball in PSA 9 or 10!

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  • I think that high grade exapmles of OPC generally sell for higher prices, in particular 1971 and 1974. I have had a lot of success purchasing raw OPC cards and grading. Many collectors mistake the rough cut as a problem. A nice 1975 OPC Schmidt os a perfect example. FB, please get a better sniping service!!
    Always buying high grade Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton cards!!!
  • The problem with paying $900+ for a OPC Ryan PSA 7 is actually having it delivered to you. image

    So you guys are saying that if I graded my 100-150 really nice (ie no rough edges and PSA 8 or better centering) 1974 OPC Commons that there is a market for them?

    Scott Jeanblanc
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    Ebay UserId: sjeanblanc
    Collecting Nolan Ryan cards (68-94)
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    probably not but i would buy the red sox
  • Who's got too much time on their hands, it's me, it's me...

    * Different ways of interpreting results. Collectors don't like OPC (un-American, bad cuts, off center, therefore, less go for Registry sets, therefore, low POP.)

    * Scarcity simply results in low POPs

    * High grades are difficult to find, therefore, fewer submissions, less POPs. You've seen the many notations that the production of OPC is about 1-5% of Topps, POP results at least lend credence to this ratio.

    Where the ratios are higher, there’s most likely been a case break. ‘67 and ‘74 are very tough, but they are also the two years with the least stars/rookie cards.

    OPC collectors often clamor that cards are much undervalued, but if they weren’t, then buy prices would be high.

    POP Report
    1965 OPC - 311/Topps - 50,948
    Mantle 19/818
    Clemente 23/959
    Rose 7/954
    1966 - 271/34,851
    Mays 12/757
    Mantle 64/2215
    Yaz 8/365
    1967 - 66/49,411
    Maris 5/354
    Mantle 34/2279
    1968 - 495/74,900
    1969 - 326/55,876
    1970 - 137/44,655
    1971 - 344/53,092
    1972 - 978/58,610
    1973 - 646/31,879
    #1 Aaron 2/409
    Ryan 27/1088
    1974 - 150/36,567
    1975 - 522/60,837
    1976 - 126/32,357
    1980 - 84/19,661
    Ryan 27/941
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  • i bought a 77 OPC Seaver PSA 9 for $50 last year. i later bought a Topps PSA 9 for double that. i ended up selling the Topps card, because the OPC was much nicer looking
  • Thanks guys,

    I was always under the impression that OPC cards are
    70% to their Topps counterpart.

    Then Chartridze tells me it's 125%

    From what you all have said (THANK YOU!!!),

    I see that if two guys are fighting for high grade stars, i.e. Ryan, Bench, etc.,etc.
    then the skies the limit. ( I do not fall into this category).

    I am thinking about building a set, therefore I would agree that you should
    be able to buy raw commons in NM-MT for less than 80% of Beckett.

    Chartridze was willing to sell at 80% of guide. I still thought that
    was high, but I guess I was wrong.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone. It really helps having your
    knowledge to glean from. Also a big thank you to
    Marc Shoenen for selling me a nice Schmidt rookie at a nice
    price too.

  • Attention to all who have worthless OPC commons:

    Maybe we can help each other, as I need a few cards from each year to complete my OPC sets. You can get rid of them, make some change, and have that warm feeling that helping a fellow collector provides. Not SPAM, as I'm not offering to sell anything, just buy or trade. I need others for upgrades, but I'll just keep the list simple.

    1965 - complete (in process to see what needs upgrading, but I just won the PSA 6 Rose)
    1966 - 174,179 (upgrade 25 cards)
    1967 - Ford, 12, 160, 187 (upgrade 14 cards)
    1968 - complete (upgrade 4 cards)
    1969 - complete (thanks Bob, upgrade list in process)
    1970 - complete (upgrade 2 cards)
    1971 - complete (upgrade 8 cards)
    1972 - complete (in process regarding upgrade cards)
    1973 - Ryan (sold a PSA 9, PSA 5, and a raw, now I have none...idiot.)
    1974 - 112,146,166,204,208,331,333,338,472,475,477,479,597,603,605,606
    1975 - complete (upgrade 1 card)
    1976 - 647 (upgrade 1 card)
    1980 - complete
    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” - George Carlin
  • Hi 67Standup,

    I'll check through my 74 OPC nice pile and see if any of the ones you listed are there. If there are any hits I will email you the list with scans.

    Scott Jeanblanc
    [email protected]
    Ebay UserId: sjeanblanc
    Collecting Nolan Ryan cards (68-94)
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    This is a great thread... I am a big fan of OPCs and I think you've all covered the bases as to the many ways OPC prices are determined and explained... but, I have always wondered something... If OPC did not "borrow" Topps' card designs and instead had their own unique look, do you think they would be more or less appealing? More or less valuable? I'd love some feedback as I have always been curious.

    Scott... no 68 OPC Ryan yet? Have the Mauers showed up at your door yet like a flock of unloved stepchildren?
    image Ring-a-ding-ding!
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    At first I did not collect OPC at all (since they were the same as Topps). Now, I think I only collect them because they are the same as Topps (but better because of those fuzzy edges and dark backs).

    Everybody else,

    Like 67Standup said, this is not SPAM because I am not selling anything. I am begging! If anybody has the following sets in NM or better, I will pay a stoopid price for them:

    1965 OPC Baseball
    1967 OPC Baseball
    1967 OPC Pinups
    1970 OPC Baseball (thought I had a complete set, but when I went through it, it was so disappointing that I need another)
    1974 OPC Baseball
    1974 OPC Baseball Team Checklists

    Thanks for letting me not spam you. image
  • Keith,

    Well definitely no OPC Ryan, he's not letting that go until he gets his Mauer cards. As for them I won't know if they were delivered until I get home, which won't be for another 4 hours at best. image


    Shoot me an email and I will let you know what I got. Its mainly 74,77,78,80 OPC baseball all collateral damage from Ryan hunting.

    Scott Jeanblanc
    [email protected]
    Ebay UserId: sjeanblanc
    Collecting Nolan Ryan cards (68-94)
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    Little spam since we're on the subject...

    All cards in my 72 OPC baseball set #2 are available. If you guys have any interest either email or pm me.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled thread...
    Frank Bakka
    Sets - 1970, 1971 and 1972
    Always looking for 1972 O-PEE-CHEE Baseball in PSA 9 or 10!

    [email protected]
    outerbankyank on eBay!
  • The best thread on opc baseball thus far. Intelligent analysis/speculation. I am 20 cards away from a 1965 opc nm/mt set and would love a little help! (please?) I also have about 50 extras - some are nm/mt. Harold (waseca-collection)

  • I'll pay ridiculous prices for OPC Willie Stargell cards. If anyone has any in high grade, let me know. Oh yeah, this is not spam because I'm not selling anything either! image


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    those anyone have these cards in their possession ?

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