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MLB Stamps F/S

Sorry - I posted this in the wrong forum earlier. This is a double post and now in the right forum.

Anyone interested in sheets of "Major League Basball in Stamps"?

They have 9 players to a sheet Clemente, Ripken, Feller, Bell, McGwire, Davis, Rose, Quiasenberry, Ruth. COA included fom International Collectors Society. (Issue SBB1 Number..) COA states "the accompanied Major League Basball Series 1 Plate Block of 9 is an official legal tender postage stamp issue of Grenada, recognized by every Postal Authority around the world"

Other sheets have the same players, but Rose missing on them.

I'll sell them in sets (1 w/Rose & 1 w/o Rose) as I think that's how I purchased them. I have 6 sets.

PM me if interested. Thanks.
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