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FAQ for you: Acronyms (e.g. TTT, BIN, DMPL)

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Since it sometimes comes up, and we have some new members here, I thought I'd post some commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.


ACG -- ACcu-Grade. Grading service. Controversial at present, because the assigned grades
seem to be inflated relative to standard services like PCGS and NGC.
AG (AG3) -- About Good. Grade.
ANA -- American Numismatic Association. Collector and dealer organization.
ANACS -- (originally) American Numismatic Association Certification Service. Grading
service. It has since been sold to a company independent of the ANA.
AU (AU50, AU53, AU55, AU58) -- About Uncirculated. Grade.
B# (B1-B10?) -- Browning number (1925). Die variety - Bust Quarters, 1796-1838.
B# (B1-B23?) Bolender number (1950, 1998). Die variety - Silver Dollars, 1794-1803.
BB# (BB1-BBn?) -- Bowers and Borckardt number (1993). Die variety - Silver Dollars,
1794-1804 and later.
BG# (BG101-BG1313) -- Breen and Gillio number (1983). Die variety - California private
gold, 1852-1882.
BIN -- Buy It Now. eBay (www.ebay.com) phrase.
BN -- Brown. Color grade for uncirculated copper coins (BN, RB, or RD).
BU (MS60?) -- Brilliant Uncirculated. Vague Grade.
BV -- Bullion Value. The value of the coin is closely related to its metallic content
(usually silver or gold).
C -- Charlotte (North Carolina). Mintmark, 1838-61, gold coins only.
C# (C1-C23?) -- Cohen number (1982). Die variety - Half Cents, 1793-1857.
CC -- Carson City (Nevada). Mintmark, 1870-93, gold and silver coins only.
CMM# (CMM1-CMM13?) -- Cohen, Munson, Munde number (1971). Die variety - Half Cents,
CSDG -- California Small Denomination Gold.
CW -- Coin World. Publication.
D -- Dahlonega (Georgia). Mintmark, 1838-61, gold coins only.
D -- Denver (Colorado). Mintmark, 1906-.
DC (DCAM) -- Deep Cameo. High grade proof.
DDO -- Doubled Die Obverse. Type of die variety.
DDR -- Doubled Die Reverse. Type of die variety.
DMPL -- Deep Mirror Proof Like. Business strike, with deep mirrored planchet.
EAC -- Early American Coppers, Inc. Collector and dealer organization.
EF (EF40, EF45) -- Extremely Fine. Grade.
F (F12, F15) -- Fine. Grade.
FS# (FS1-FS?) -- Fivaz and Stanton number (19xx). Die variety - many series.
FS -- For Sale. Internet phrase.
G (G4, G6) -- Good. Grade.
GMM -- Gallery Mint Museum. A current producer of replicas of early US coins.
ICGS -- Independent Coin Grading Service. Grading service.
J# (J1-J1778?) -- Judd number (1959-77). Pattern or experimental coin.
JR# (JR1-JR13?) -- John Reich number (Davis, et al, 1984). Die variety - Bust Dimes,
KM# (KM1-KM?) -- Krause and Mishler number. From Standard Catalog of World Coins. Type of
world coin. Includes California, Mormon, Colorado, Hawaii.
MS (MS60-MS70) -- Mint State. (Uncirculated, business strike). Grade.
N# (N1-N17?) -- Newcomb number (1944). Die variety - Large Cents, 1816-1868.
N# (N1-N105?) -- Newman number (1952). Die variety - Fugio Cents, 1787.
NARU -- Not A Registered User (implies account terminated due to violation of rules).
EBay(www.ebay.com) phrase.
NC -- Not Collectable. A unique or nearly unique coin. Usually one of Sheldon's die
varieties of Large Cents. At the time of Sheldon's "Penny Whimsey" (1958),
for a coin to be NC, there had to be less than 3 specimens known.
NGC -- Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. Grading service.
NLG -- Numismatic Literary Guild. A prestigious organization of writers of numismatically
related articles, books, etc.
NN -- Numismatic News. Publication.
NTC -- Numistrust Corporation. Grading service.
O# (O101-O128?) -- Overton number (1970). Die variety - Bust Half Dollars, 1794-1836.
OMM -- Over MintMark. Two different mintmarks involved. (versus RPM, which is the same
mintmark punched more than once). Type of die variety.
OT -- Off Topic. Internet phrase.
P -- Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). Mintmark, 1942-45 (5c only), 1979- (all but 1c).
Sometimes denotes absence of mintmark.
PCGS -- Professional Coin Grading Service. Grading service.
PCI -- Photo-certified Coin Institute. Grading service.
PF (PF60-PF70) -- Proof. Type of coin production and/or Grade. Contrasts with business
PL -- Proof Like. Business strike, with mirrored planchet.
PNG -- Professional Numismatists Guild. Dealer organization.
PQ -- Premium Quality. Sometimes part of the sealed slab grade, such as a MS64 PQ
(not quite good enough for MS65). Often it is just a hype adjective like "Choice" or
PR (PR60-PR70) -- Proof. Type of coin production and/or Grade. Contrasts with business
PVC -- Poly Vinyl Chloride. An ingredient of soft plastic "flip" coin holders which will
damage coins over time.
R# (R1-R8)
Rarity scale. R1 most common; R8 least common. The often used Sheldon scale is:
R8 = 1-3 known (estimated), "Unique or Nearly Unique"
R7 = 4-12 known, "Extremely Rare"
R6 = 13-30 known, "Very Rare"
R5 = 31-75 known, "Rare"
R4 = 76-200 known, "Very Scarce"
R3 = 201-500 known, "Scarce"
R2 = 501-1250 known, "Uncommon"
R1 = over 1251 known, "Common"
RB -- Red-Brown. Color grade for uncirculated copper coins (BN, RB, or RD).
RD -- Red. Color grade for uncirculated copper coins (BN, RB, or RD).
RIC -- Roman Imperial Coinage.
ROFL -- Rolling On the Floor Laughing. Internet phrase.
RPC -- Roman Provincial Coinage.
RPD -- RePunched Date. Type of die variety.
RPM -- RePunched Mintmark. Type of die variety.
RSC -- Roman Silver Coinage.
S -- San Francisco (California). Mintmark, 1854-1955, 1968-.
S# (S1-S295?) -- Sheldon number (1949). Die variety - Large Cents, 1793-1814.
S# (S1-S9?) -- Snow number (1992). Die variety - Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents,
SEGS -- Sovereign Entities Grading Service. Grading service.
SP -- Specimen. Better than business strike, but not quite a proof.
TTT -- used on this forum to bump up threads to the top of the list
UC (UCAM) -- Ultra Cameo. High grade proof.
UNC (Unc., MS60?) -- Uncirculated. Grade.
V# (V1-V10?) -- Valentine number (1975). Die variety - Half Dimes, 1794-1873.
VAM# (VAM1-VAM230?) -- Van Allen and Mallis number (1976). Die variety - Morgan Dollars,
VG (VG8, VG10) -- Very Good. Grade.
VF (VF20, VF30, perhaps VF35) -- Very Fine. Grade.
W -- West Point (New York). Mintmark, 1984-.
WTB -- Wanted To Buy. Internet phrase.
XF (XF40, XF45) -- eXtremely Fine. Grade.


  • missed this one.....

    WB#....... referring to Wiley/Bugert variety for the seated half dollar collector
    Cam-Slam 2-6-04
    4 "YOU SUCKS"
    Numerous POTD (But NONE officially recognized)
    Seated Halves are my specialty !
    Seated Half set by date/mm COMPLETE !
    Seated Half set by WB# - 289 down / 31 to go !!!!!
    (1) "Smoebody smack him" from CornCobWipe !
  • WOW - Great job NWCS!

    Todd Abbey
  • LanLordLanLord Posts: 11,637 ✭✭✭✭✭
    How about this one:

    TLA - a three letter acronym that stands for "three letter acronym"

    Okay, so it's not coin related, it's still appropriate.
  • As a newbie here, I really appreciate the help there NWCS.
  • NumisEdNumisEd Posts: 1,336
    How about these:

    MM = madmarty
    LB = lucy bop, or long beach
    R = Russ
    DK = Dork Karl

    But seriously, how could you forget AT (artificial toning, or album toning)??
  • Don't forget FS (Full Steps).

    Nice compilation. Thank you very much for taking all that time to make a compendium for us. I know I'll keep a bookmark to it.
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
    I'm glad if the list can help someone. I have to admit I copied it from a much earlier list and modified it some. Maybe I'll compile the ultimate list and host it on a web site sometime?
  • - BB...body bag image
    - PM...private message...a function of the forum
    - MAO...see ROFL(also ROTFL)...that part of the anatomy one is laughing off while rolling on the floor.
    - FBL...full bell lines...Franklin halves....don't bother to memorize this one, only a few people have any interest in Frankies any wayimage
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
    TTT because it might be helpful
  • ajaanajaan Posts: 16,923 ✭✭✭✭✭
    NCLT - Non-Circulating Legal Tender. 'Darkside' term. Used for coins that are struck for sale to collectors and not for circulation.

    'Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery'

    CU #3245 B.N.A. #428

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Posts: 28,303 ✭✭✭✭✭
    DHW.........."wearing" Diane Hager wig.

    Barbarous Relic No More, LSCC -GoldSeek--shadow stats--SafeHaven--321gold
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
  • Also Y# - the Yoeman number which Krause & Mishler use for coins that have them, instead of assigning another one.

  • NumisEdNumisEd Posts: 1,336
    PCGSACG, the acronym for the company resulting from a PCGS and ACG merger.
  • TWQGTWQG Posts: 3,145 ✭✭
    TT = Teletrade. Another auction company.
  • remumcremumc Posts: 1,254 ✭✭✭
    FB Full Bands on Mercs

    FSB Full Split Bands on Mercs

    (ROTFLMAO) WTIME With tears in my eyes




  • BOHICA--Bend Over, Here It Comes Again...usually associated with submitting cross over attempts.
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
    ttt again
  • MadMartyMadMarty Posts: 16,697 ✭✭✭

    << <i>ACG -- ACcu-CRAP. Grading service. Controversial at present, because the assigned grades >>

    It is not exactly cheating, I prefer to consider it creative problem solving!!!

  • PeetiePeetie Posts: 627 ✭✭
    Can you all tell me what Russ, NCNE stands for? Been meaning to ask.
  • <Can you all tell me what Russ, NCNE stands for? Been meaning to ask<CAN you all tell me what Russ, NCNE stands for? Been meaning to ask.>>

    I think that was for that auction he had of just the proof envelope for sale.

    NCNE = No Coins New Envelope image

    Pennies make dollars, and dollars make slabs!

    ....inflation must be kicking in again this dollar says spend by Dec. 31 2004!

  • AskariAskari Posts: 3,713
    A great job!! I was surprised that I knew almost all of them.image You might want to add 'WCN' for World Coin News and 'BNR' for Bank Note Reporter, two popular Darkside publications. Also, 'CU' means "Crisp Uncirculated" over on the US & World Currency Forum. 'FDC' is fleur-de-coin, meaning an essentially perfect "as struck" coin.

    << <i>NCLT - Non-Circulating Legal Tender. 'Darkside' term. Used for coins that are struck for sale to collectors and not for circulation. >>

    Not a Darkside term, but a general numismatic term. The US also issues NCLT and most people on this board have one. image

    Come on over ... to The Dark Side! image
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
    TTT for the recent newbies
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
    Seemed time again for a bump
  • ShamikaShamika Posts: 18,738 ✭✭✭✭
    Good job NWCS,

    It takes a real East Tennessee boy to show what Southern Hospitality is all about.

    You may also want to add:

    NCS - Numismatic Conservation Services
    IMO - In my opinion
    IMHO - In my honest opinion
    Buyer and seller of vintage coin boards!
  • Thanks, this is great. I figure them out sometimes.

    Here’s a couple more for the list that stumped me at first. Let me know if I’m wrong. (like you guy’s would let me slide) image

    SLQ – Standing Liberty Quarter
    SE – Silver Eagle, I think I’ve seen this with an A at the front. American? image
    GE – Gold Eagle. Same as above.

    Also, I’ve seen the ROTFLMAO with PIMP at the end. I’m pretty sure I know what the PIMP stands for. image

    NCNE – I thought this might be an engineering certification but I didn’t recognize it.

    How about: NCNE – Numismatic Coin and Note Enthusiast? image
    Novice collector, occasionally selling some coins on eBay. Click HERE to see all my auctions.
  • Steve27Steve27 Posts: 13,255 ✭✭✭
    "It's far easier to fight for principles, than to live up to them." Adlai Stevenson
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
  • zennyzenny Posts: 1,549

    << <i>
    IMHO - In my honest opinion >>

    for some of us it's in our "humble" opinion.

    not many, but some.
  • you missed F-2 AND PO-1
  • sms- special mint set
  • ahah Posts: 161 ✭✭✭
    Neil, Thanks for the good info.
  • MadMartyMadMarty Posts: 16,697 ✭✭✭
    Let's not forget PITA... Pain In The Ass!

    and Russ's NCNE is "No Certifactions, No Education! I asked him about that before!
    It is not exactly cheating, I prefer to consider it creative problem solving!!!

  • What about breen numbers? PF (PF60-PF70) Nope check out the Gobrecht dollar in the heritage sale irs PR-8.
  • BAJJERFANBAJJERFAN Posts: 30,920 ✭✭✭✭✭
    S.H.I.T Ship High In Transit or so the recent postings on the web say.
  • BAJJERFANBAJJERFAN Posts: 30,920 ✭✭✭✭✭
    ACG Alan's Conniving Grading or Alan's Cleaning & Grading
  • thanks, thanks, thanks. That will be my interpretation of the TTT. Still don't get it what it means---- but the lists are helpul.
    "Today is the youngest you will ever be"
  • Cam40Cam40 Posts: 8,146
    NG- no grade.....is that the same as body bagged?

    JMO- just my opinion.

    FUBAR- fixed up beyond all repair.

    C D B ?....
    S..I C D B..
    S .E S A E T B T B 2....

    who can translate that...

    hint: ....bzzzzzzzz.

  • BAJJERFANBAJJERFAN Posts: 30,920 ✭✭✭✭✭
    redrum turn on yur PM
    when you reply to a post in a thread that thread then automatically moves to the top of the page.
    It is very common for posts on the BUY SELL TRADE forum to sink quickly to the 3rd or 4th page. It is very common also to get back to the top by replying to your own post; thus the plethora of ttt aka to the top replies. BTW HTH
  • BAJJERFANBAJJERFAN Posts: 30,920 ✭✭✭✭✭
    HRH HomeRunHall or HisRoyalHighness take yer pick

    WUBAR whizzed up beyond all repair
    DUBAR dipped up beyond all repair

  • Cam40Cam40 Posts: 8,146
    WYSIWYG= what you see is what you get
    NFS=not for sale
    EDS=early die state
    LDS=late die state
    BTW=by the way.....or Booker T Washington

  • ttt
  • Still havent changed pr-60 through 70 to pr1 through 70
  • Thanks Neil, as an aging newby, I need all the help I can get. I've printed your list to add to my
    reference library.
  • What's SAE ? I think it's Silver American Eagle. Am I right ?
  • nwcsnwcs Posts: 13,387 ✭✭✭
    Yep, Silver American Eagle (SAE) and Gold American Eagle (GAE).

    Some day I may collate all these entries into a new FAQ post
  • lavalava Posts: 3,286 ✭✭✭
    DPL -- Deep Prooflike -- NGC's term for a DMPL
    I brake for ear bars.
  • ttt

    oh yeah,
    You forgot WAG.....

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