fort washington show how was it today?

heading to show in morning how was it today?any nice raw around? looking mainly for football anyone got a heads up for me on who has some graded or raw?


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    I just got back. The show was jumping. Didn't see much raw football but that doesn't mean much
    since I spent most my time looking for red mans and my 51 Bowman Eagles I need.

    I spent time at the Psa and Sgc booths. Going back tomorrow to pick up some cards.

    Psa will not be grading any tall boys at the show.

    Have fun.

  • Skins,

    I would go check out PK Cards. He has some very nice raw vintage football that came from cellos....very clean...

    Buying 1957 Baseball PSA 8 or higher. Especially Checklists, and Contest Cards.
  • carlo thanks where is there table? look forward to going in morning just not sure i can stand to listen to rosen that early in the morning yelling what you got the sec i walk through the door. lol
  • i will have my bullett proff vest on of course under my redskins shirt. a skins fan in philly must come fully prepared image
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    Skins fans aren't too bad. After all you gave us B. Mitchell and James Thrash for nothing. And you
    took Jeremiah Trottier from us. Anyhow, it's Giants and Cowboy fans we hate the most!

  • Skinsfans,

    Walk Past Rosen and walk all the way to the back....then turn left.....PK Cards has a corner table on the left side as you are walking probably 2 aisles up

    Buying 1957 Baseball PSA 8 or higher. Especially Checklists, and Contest Cards.
  • thanks again carlo will be sure to check out pk.we hate dallas to but i still recall a few trip up 95 to the vet. the first thing you learn is duck and cover lol. as always HAIL TO THE REDSKINS .see yoe guys at the show.
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    Spent most of the evening glued to Set-Builders table (Joe Tauriello or Norty on the forum).
    What a blast! I found probably 300 PSA 8 or better quality 71's, 63's and 64's for some great prices!

    At one point during the evening, sitting around the tables, going through binders were Steve Peckovich, Keith Abrams, myself, Qualitycards(Jay Wolt), EJGuru(Eric), SJJS28(Steve), Chet Woods and Brian Simon (The Dogs 74 Set and Dakota on the forum). There were probably others there that I would recognize, but they kept quiet (not that I really blame them around this bunch!) I heard that I missed (Davalillo) Jim who was there as well.

    I also picked up a couple hundred bucks worth from T&S cards two rows away from Set Builders. Very similar setup with dozens of binders, and you had to dig a little harder to find NM-MT, but a ton of stuff to go through!

    All in all, a very enjoyable and productive evening!image
    Frank Bakka
    Sets - 1970, 1971 and 1972
    Always looking for 1972 O-PEE-CHEE Baseball in PSA 9 or 10!
    outerbankyank on eBay!
  • Frank,

    Sorry I missed you and some others I would have liked to meet. I was down at Ft. W from 12 30PM to about 7 30PM. In 7 hours I was able to do some damage to a number of my sets. While I spent most of my time talking to all of the national dealers who were there, Joe Orlando and Steve Rocchi(yes I spoke with Steve Rocchi, Danny and others) I did meet Jeff of Luxury Wines fame, Mike Rakosi(the king of vintage basketball who is someday soon going to coax my last vintage bball 9s out of me), my good friend Keith Abrams and Jay Wolt who continues to help me on my newer sets.
    The biggest buzz at the show was that a purchase of sgc or maybe its just sgc's card grading division is imminent by GAI--Rocchi confirmed this. What this means I will leave for othersn to figure out but I think it is significant.
    GAI had a presence at dealer tables but my perception was that it was not materially bigger than at past shows--perhaps about the same as sgc but sgc was skewed toward newer cards and lesser known dealers.
    Among the dealers who had impressive displays of cards were Triple sSs, Superior, Brian Drent, Wayne of Shoebox cards(I am going to forgive him for selling GAI cards and do business with him again),
    VSI,and Natex. There were other well known national de4alers there who did not have a big display including Dave Forman, Bill Goodwin andLouis Bollman(no longer with Mastronet). Sports Cards Plus had the single most impressive item there with a complete 1968 Topps Test basketball set -all psa graded for I think $23,500.

    Others were mainly displaying their auction material--Andy Madec, Greg Bussineau.
    Mr. Mint was there as usual and looking pretty lonely as he carefully watched every person who entered and exited.

    As far as my sets, I was able to finish 1954 Bowman Football in 8 or better thanks to my friend Lee Iskowicz who is now on his own in Florida after a brief stint with Dave Forman. I also am one card away now on 1959 Topps Football 175 8s or better and one psa 7 left.

    Lastly, in case people think large collectors, submitters, dealers get favors from psa, I gave Joe Orlando another 2400 cards to grade and a 1953 Bowman Color Pee Wee Reese SBC 98(gem mint) that I wanted to crossover to a psa 9 or 10. I also told Joe it was important to me. It was indicated as an 8 and would not cross.

    Good luck to all--pls. don't forget me on my sets.

  • Jim,

    Is that 1953 Bowman Pee wee availiable for sale/trade? If so, please email me at

    Thanks, Harold
  • I went Friday Night got to see EJ GURU (Eric) as he found a well centerd 68 Topps... Also got to meet Davillio (Jim) and had a nice conversation with him... Sorry I did not get to meet several other Board members... But it was nice putting faces to 2 other people on the board..... At the show itself found some nice raw 1974 Topps(including a very nice looking GAry Nolan) , 69 Decals and some 64 Topps Giants. Also picked up the last 2 36 Goudey's to finnish another mid grade set...

    Submitted over 200 cards to PSA a lot of mid grade Goudey's and Diamond Stars and some very nice 63-64 PArkhurst Hockey I picked up recently.

    So all in all a pretty good show... Wish I could go back today or tommorow but my wife's PArole fees were way too high for me to pay for more than one day....
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    I was there today, finally got to meet Eric and Tony - great guys! I also learned some valuble buying lessons from Tony Aconte image

    Yo E - I did pick up that Mays by the way. image

    It was a great show. I have to concur with some of the posts - GAI GAI GAI. Definitely a strong prescence there and more and more GAI cards are available. I even submitted my first few and will do some more. The "Examplar" service they offer seems to be the way I want to go.
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    What is "exemplar" service?
  • 1420sports1420sports Posts: 3,518 ✭✭✭
    GAI Exemplar

    I heard it may get even better ....
    collecting various PSA and SGC cards
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    Nice meeting Neal (1420sports) and yesterday I talked to murcerfan. Two good guys.

    1420, what cards did you get.

    P.S. I love the SGC holder!

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    line 9 and 10 are little confusing.does anyone have a card with the type of label gai is talking about?
    Collector Focus

  • I went to the show Saturday. Worked on getting some elusive short prints for my 2003 Topps heritage master set, submitted a bunch of 79 topps to PSA for 35 day turnaround...and picked up a very nice PSA 6 1955 Topps Sandy Koufax from Shoeless Joes for $425.00 (under SMR by about 5%). Very nice to deal with Shoeless Joes.

    The show was fairly crowded, more so than the other 5 or 6 I've been too at Fort Washington.
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    Very nice to deal with Shoeless Joes.

    I agree 110%.

    Tony, I picked up some 67 PSA 8's, one was a NICE Mays. I am going back tomorrow to pick up some GAI Pre-grades.

    Going back? I know there is a Dimaond Star with your name on it

    collecting various PSA and SGC cards
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    << <i>P.S. I love the SGC holder!

    I concur. Besides the occasional oversized or undersized inserts, SGC has the most aesthetically pleasing holders around. In fact, I am going to keep my existing SGC card in their current holders even if GAI decides to scrap the SGC holders!

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    << <i>Going back? I know there is a Dimaond Star with your name on it >>


    Nah, I'm done. Spent more than I should crossing over my 55 Psa red man's to Sgc holders
    and the rest on Diamond Star Bill Dickey. I'm reading a book on Yogi Berra and have been
    itching to get a decent Bill Dickey card.

  • Let us know how they cross Aconte...
    Where have you gone Dave Vargha
    CU turns its lonely eyes to you
    What's the you say, Mrs Robinson
    Vargha bucks have left and gone away?

    hey hey hey
    hey hey hey
  • you know the ONLY game in town is crossing psa 8s
    into pro 10s right?
    Money is your ticket to freedom.
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    I will. I got a lot to do the next day. Probably wait until later in the week. I'll keep you


    For kicks and giggles I crossed my Psa cards to Sgc. Then I wanted to cross them to Pro
    but couldn't find their booth. Not sure if Rocchi bought them too. I think Rocchi told me if I
    got Scd to grade them and then have Beckett value my cards at zero he would holder
    the holder for $2. Not sure if this would count as a crossover move or not. Last I check
    Gai was marketing this idea to gain market share.

  • maybe gai will offer cash back
    for every psa card holder submitted...
    i think 5 cents might work-it worked for coca cola.
    Money is your ticket to freedom.

  • Anybody see any nice raw 56 stuff?If so, Can you get contact info for me?It's hard to get to the show from Fla.


    Please be kind to me. Even though I'm now a former postal employee, I'm still capable of snapping at any time.
  • While I didn't find a lot of the stuff I was looking for, the show was buzzing... aisles were crowded, gai and PSA were all over the place... I saw a complete 1968 topps test BK set for $27,000, the food was as nasty as ever, Mr. Mint had bundles of hundred dollar bills... I even saw a sweet psa 10 1961 mays mvp...
    I just picked up some nice raw 70's bk... and a psa 8 1964 brock.
    I also submitted a handful of crossovers to psa...
    worth the trip!
    where was jeff from luxury wines located?
  • JUST MADE THE HAUL BACK DOWN I95 had a great crowd. got about 15 great raw 66,s a couple wax packs graded by gi must say very fast.droped off so goodies at psa.had some great chats with some dealers spent that last part of the day talking with greg at cameo cards. thanks for the 68,s gregwell worth it wish i could go back sun but the psa 8 thorpe i bought from sss the skerbees wiped my buget out image
  • Skinsfan,

    Did you find PK Cards?

    Buying 1957 Baseball PSA 8 or higher. Especially Checklists, and Contest Cards.
  • yes carlo that where the raw 66,s came from thanks 4 the heads up image
  • Geoff or anyone:

    Who had the 61 topps Mays MVP PSA 10???

    Ole Doctor Buck of the Popes of Hell

  • G'Morning all. After staying up all night reexamining Friday's raw purchases (and filling out submission forms), I submitted vintage commons (160 total) Sat. morning. Drove back home in early afternoon and just getting on board now. Great thrill meeting new (Neal, Jeff) and familiar faces at the ususal tables.

    Must admit I got ten prescreens done at GAI. 3 were SGC crossovers and they crossed EXACTLY. The 7 other submits were 65-68's. All grades were well explained (range from 5 to 9). I think, if used properly, this will be saving me (and maybe others), lots of money. Picked up a nice 67 TJohn 8 from VSI (Zukeeper's neighbor) Saturday morning for a nice price.

    Neal--Great on the MAYS! What about 71 Petey? I think it was nice. As far as our plan all I can say is, "Dude, we're getting a table!"

    Best of luck to all seeking vintage raw today--I have to think most dealers have had their inventories ransacked and purged!
    " is but a dream."

    Working on Baseball HOF SS Baseballs--Players and and anything Red Sox related.
  • <At one point during the evening, sitting around the tables, going through binders were Steve Peckovich, Keith Abrams, myself, Qualitycards(Jay Wolt), EJGuru(Eric), SJJS28(Steve), Chet Woods and Brian Simon (The Dogs 74 Set and Dakota on the forum). There were probably others there that I would recognize, but they kept quiet (not that I really blame them around this bunch!) I heard that I missed (Davalillo) Jim who was there as well.>

    That must've been a sight. I am extremely jealous. You can ALWAYS find nice commons at Joe's tables.


  • I think some of you are crazy for going with GAI. All the rumors of switching cards and back door crap has pretty much stopped since Steve Rocchi left. I don't know what all was true, but I heard enough that I would stay away. I'm sure that they grade good and know how to look for altered cards but I just don't trust them. I have sent in some nice $500+ 1950's cards in the past and during Steve Rocchi's employment, I swear my cards got switched on me. I sent in a 1957 Mantle/Berra that was a solid 8, outside shot at a 9, and it came back with rounded corners and graded a 6. That was one example, I have others. I think PSA used to be in the business of screwing little guys like me and back dooring good stuff to guys with real cash. Since he left though, I haven't had that problem since. I haven't had a card that I felt had been switched on me. I like the way the PSA is going now and I stick to them exclusively.
  • I just got back from the show. My eyes are completely shot but it was a great show. By the time I got to Joe's (SetBuilders) table the 60 were completely ransacked. I know now by who. I did get some awesome 58 and 59 baseball though. I also picked up some 51 & 52 bowmans, 54 topps and 1972 baseball from Joe. Here's the other highlights:

    1952B Newcombe (PSA 9)
    1966 Brock (PSA 8)
    some gorgous 60 and 64 commons (the color and photo's were so eye popping I thought they were fake at first)
    1964 Maris (PSA 8)
    1957 Koufax (PSA 7) Awesome card. I'd be happy to send a scan to anyone interested
    1976 commons. about 75 screamers

    And the highlight of the show for me
    1968 full boozooka box with Aaron (MINT!!!)

    Overall it was a great 2 days for set building. I also noticed some prettly long faces on some of the PSA dealers. There are some that are really struggling right now.

    I think Brian Drent had the 61 Mays MVP

    Looking for well centered 1958 topps baseball psa 8 and up. Also dying for a 70 Aaron All Star in PSA 9.
  • Anyone see any dealers with graded 1948 football singles, either LEAF or BOWMAN, in PSA 7 or higher?
  • yeah.....many '48 (low numbers) and '49 leafs.
    707 has a case full and they are priced close to SMR and very nice looking.
    I almost bought a few, but i was worried about the sky falling.
  • Sky falling?

  • Doug
    I am glad that you like the 66 Brock and 64 Maris enough to post it here. I am glad that I could help.
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