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I need expert advice, PLEASE!

I am a coin gal, but I have a couple of autographs I am curious about. I used to run our New England Patriots program for my company for three seasons...including our SuperBowl Victory year. I was fortunate enough to get many of the players autographs, collectively. One grouping, with many of the key players including Adam V, Seymour, Compton, Troy Brown, Cox, D.Woody, Hamilton, and Kevin Fauly, Lawyer Milloy- 19 in total. The autographs are on a 8.5x11.0 company autograph board.

A second grouping, from the night of the SuperBowl, on a one of the things in our seat cushion giveaways, I have Coach Bill B. and some of the players mentioned above. There are five signatures. One is a mystery to me! (All I can say is we were celebrating....Sox will never bring us glory.) I can't remeber who he was!image

Any educated guesses? I really am curious!!

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    Hello Kim, and welcome to the boards. I am not an expert about autographs nor do I claim to be, but I think your first step would be to get the autos authenticated by a reputable company. Please post a scan (if possible) of the seat cushion.

    BTW: Cubby=Cub Fan
  • Gotta agree with you. PSA/DNA is the way to go....get it authenticated and the COA will cause the value (if you are going to sell it) to go up substantially.
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