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Large World Collection for Sale! "SOLD"

Well, I'm going to try this again....maybe someday someone will look at this forum and I'll have what they want! image
I'm not a stamp collector, but I've been working on identifying a large collection that was my fathers. I have alot of them identified, separated into countries. But alot of them are still unidentified - in fact several countries (Belgium, Austria, etc) I haven't even gotten to yet so I have no idea what I have. Even some of the ones I have identified could be wrong since I'm not a collector and I have no way of tell what kind of perforations, watermarks, etc that they have. There's a total of about 130 countries, and there are anywhere from 1 stamp to over 400 stamps (Germany I have over 400). There are Revenues, Airpost, perfins, etc....all of these are from the late 1800's to 1960's. They're a mixture of used and unused, blocks, tet-a-tet strips? (is that what they're called?)... I also have a large collection of US stamps - dating from late 1800's to 1990's, used & unused, new blocks of 4 to 12, many of these also not identified ( or correctly!). I know there are some valuable stamps in this collection - and with so many not identified, there are probably more than I think! There are well over 5000 stamps all together. I'm asking $900.00 for the entire collection, plus $30.00 shipping insured. I will negotiate on this too, it's not a firm price. PM with any questions or if interested....Thanks!


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