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Large Collection for Sale

Approx 130 different countries + US. Some identified, alot of them not! OVER 5000 stamps all together (not sure of exact #)used & unused - some worn, alot like new...over 400 Germany. Other countries - dated from late 1800's to 1950's. US Stamps dated from late 1800's to 1990's. Many revenues, postage due, Parcel Post, Airmail, Perfins, Cinderella, US P# sheets of 4 or more, etc. I'm not a collector - I inherited all of these from my father. I've been told there are quite afew valuable stamps in this collection, and many that may be. Some of the US Stamps are in a Stamp Album, some loose & unidentified. If interested in seeing examples of any, or want the list I have that gives you an idea of what I have I'd be glad to e-mail to you. I'm asking $850.00 (that's only 17 cents per stamp for 5000) plus $25.00 shipping (insurance) - ship to US only. Any questions please contact me.
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