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have an old stamp collection from my dad would like to sell all of them can anyone help me?

he has two book fulls of stamps...i know he has a few stamps from the 1800s. please let me know if there
is anywhere i can look to find the values of these. i want to sell all of them.
i am collecting 8x10 autos, auto replica jerseys and other auot memrobilia, i have a few cards left im trying to sell cheap please email me for the list theres only about 8 to 10 left. thanks
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  • Good luck. I can't even get an answer on 2 stinking stamps. Either nobody comes here or they are just an unfriendly lot.

    imageimageSee ya on the other side, Dudes. image
  • I already answered this question in this site many times but it worth repeating.

    First do your homework. Go to your local library and check the current edition of Scott Stamps Catalog. Keep in mind that condition is paramount: centering, cleanness and integrity of the paper. If you spot an item quoted 100.00 or more look for a reputable dealer, he will give you something around 50 to 75% of the quote.

    Second, look for a reputable dealer and ask for an appraisal NOT for an offer. Depending on the size of the collection he may want to charge you for the job.

    How much your collection worth? Don’t quit your job yet . . . lets see . . . 2 albums of common stamps plus one or another oddball . . . hmmm . . . 75.00 if the dealer is in a good mood.

    In my experience 99.99% of all the inherited collections worth peanuts. Why? Because the original collector spent peanuts on it. If your dad have spent real money on it you or somebody else would know – he would have bragged about.

    At any rate there are exceptions . . .so do your homework, and if you collect something instruct your heirs about their value.
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