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sell china stamp

We're a best dealer in china.
We Sell rare Local collection for collectors.

If you collect
0.China Local telephone (china Local telecom company issue,very rare,out of print)
1.China TelePhoneCard (china telecom issue)
2.IC telephonecard (china telecom issue)
3.IP telephone (china telecom¡¢china unicom¡¢china cnc¡¢china mobile issue)
4.Bankcard (more than 12 commercial bank issue)

see the sample images:
(Mcdonald's bankcard)

5.CreditCard (more than 6 commercial bank issue)
6.china mobile telephone SIM card (all kinds of the topic)
7.China airline company FFP card (more than 15 China airline company issue)

see the sample images:http://www.stamp.net.cn/gb/collection/aircard/arelin_aircard.asp

8.china commercial bank sample card (only collect,inside bank issue)
9.Internet card
10.Guangzhou underground card

Whether you collect all kinds of the differecce topic card.
If you want to buy,For any inquiry please don't hesitate to contact me.
My E-mail address:[email protected]
We look forward to be of service to yourself and your collection at china in the near future.
China bankcard for sell
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