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Looks like I'll be giving away a lot of items soon. The first album is already ready.

Hello everyone, community!
Sometimes I ask questions here, and really don’t share much of my experience. May I introduce myself? Moreover, there is a reason, it seems that now I will be giving away a lot of goods.

I have been collecting and selling items with history since 2000. I am 37 years old and at that time I was still in school. I have always been attracted to objects with history and mystery, so I read and read a lot, and I love looking for answers to riddles. Thanks, by the way, to the participants of this forum and its creators, I became acquainted with a large number of resources where you can find answers to questions. Thanks again for this, there are a lot of interesting topics and answers here.
I myself am from Kyiv, there was an antiques salon there. We held auctions and had a huge community of history buffs. And in 2018, I closed the business in the form in which it existed, and until 2022 I provided the services of a private consultant (adviser) on the purchase of investment antiques, specializing in Faberge.

I’ve been in England for two years, and here I started everything from scratch, both collection and sales. An interesting fact is that in Ukraine there is an old law, the roots of which go back to 1917, to the time of the revolution. The law prohibits the export of items of cultural value and antiques from the country. In this way they wanted to stop the export of valuables when aristocrats left the country after the communists seized power. The law is still in effect today, so it is very difficult to legally take something out of the country. I don't play illegally.

So, here in England I search and buy a lot, sell a lot, and frankly, I’m very tired. I'm tired of selling because I feel some strange feeling inside. I spent a long time trying to figure out what it was. And recently I realized that I am not interested in selling, it does not bring pleasure. Most of all I love solving riddles and looking for answers and finding them. Thought this might be interesting.
In general, I started a YouTube channel, where I talk openly about everything in business. Where and how I buy, how I look for answers to questions, how much I buy for, and all the secrets of the business and this amazing adventure into the past. I invite you to join.

The most important thing is that I don’t sell anything there, but give it away. I give everything that I show and find to those who complete quests or small quizzes. That's the truth - I always called it my mission to find a new worthy owner for the items that pass through me. And money is earned and lost, and only gives the opportunity to look for more. But they are not the goal. And I have a special love for coins. According to the registry, my collection now contains 6422 coins from different countries of the world, without repetitions.
I also often do restorations. And right now I’m restoring a small collection of dolls, dollhouse furniture and toys. I doubt I'll get more than £100 for them if I sell them. But they gave so much joy!!! Let them give it to someone else) It's not about the money.

My English is with a pleasant (I think so :) ) Ukrainian accent. But don't let that stop me. Join, advise, criticize. I miss communication there so much. I just began. There are few videos, but the first video is just an album of coins, which will soon be given to the first person to complete a small quest.
Here is the link to the YouTube channel.
Thank you!


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    @Lavrentii Welcome. Hope you focus on numismatic coins and exonumia. Good luck. Peace Roy

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    bob :)

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