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10-Card Mixed Sport Submission Results - Received Yesterday

samspopsamspop Posts: 1,990 ✭✭✭

I haven't posted grading results in probably 7-8 years and was reminiscing of the good ole days on the forum when people would post their submissions regularly. It still happens, but seems to be more of disappointment with the current grading standards or just less frequently. Was always a good community rally when someone would post, so here goes. Was overall happy with the results...

The Cepeda was a BGS 9.5 crackout. I really wanted a 10 here to add to that set. I have submitted 3-4 of the Cepedas and all come back 9's. I have all 10's except for this one and the Willie Mays. The Sanders was pack-pulled 3-4 years ago from a case (2 were pulled, sold one and graded one).

The Nemechek white is numbered of 5/5 and the Nemechek Purple 24/35. Both were pulled from cheap retail last year. The Donald and the Hopkins were pack pulled at the time of release and were sitting in boxes. Was glad to see 10's on those.

The Evans is numbered 077/199 and same as above, pulled at the time of release. The Royce Lewis was pulled at Lucky Box Sports Cards (Cornelius NC) last year. Serial #'d 4/5, will hold this one to see if he reaches his potential with the Twins. Should be a 40HR/120RBI guy if he can stay healthy. The Manning and Favre were both pulled along with the Barry Sanders above. These were in the preview packs and I opened them just a few months back. The Manning is Pop 6 with one higher, the Favre is a Pop 3.


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