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FS on GC: CAC-approved type coins and old, small ANACS slabs

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EDITED to add links:

Ending this Sunday, March 31, on Great Collections:

--CAC-approved type coins in grades ranging from AU58 to MS67. Some hard to find! Of particular note:
•Two half cents graded AU58+ by PCGS - great for Everyman sets! Dated 1804 and 1832, both are absolutely gorgeous coins.
•A toned 1934 Walking Liberty half dollar. It really is that colorful - and right now, it's going for a song!
•A monster toned 1880-S Morgan. Sunrise hues, super vibrant and striking in hand.

--Type coins in old, small ANACS slabs of various generations. None of the coins are particularly scarce, but they are all very solid to undergraded in the old holders. Here's one to get you started. And here's another one! And this one sure reflects those old, tight grading standards.

PM me with any questions!


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