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120+ silver coins and $20 Confederate bill for sale

Asking 1000 shipped via PayPal invoice

Includes everything pictured. List below

3x Peace Dollar:
1922 x1
1923 x2

15x JFK Half Dollar:
1964 x5
1965 x3
1966 x1
1967 x4
1968 x1
1776-1976 x1

22x Franklin Half Dollar:
1949 x1
1950 x2
1951 x1
1952 x4
1953 x1
1954 x2
1957 x2
1958 x1
1958 x1
1961 x2
1962 x1
1963 x4

23x Walking Liberty Half Dollar:
1935 x1
1939 x1
1941 x3
1942 x8
1943 x4
1944 x3
1945 x2

15x Indian Head Penny:
1887 x1
1899 x1
1900 x1
1901 x3
1902 x2
1903 x1
1905 x2
1906 x1
1907 x2
1908 x1

17x Washington Quarter:
1934 x1
1935 x3
1936 x1
1937 x1
1941 x1
1945 x1
1947 x4
1947 x2
1948 x1
1949 x1
1950 x1

13x Mercury Dime:
1917 x1
1941 x1
1942 x3
1943 x4
1944 x2
1945 x2

10x Standing Liberty Quarter:
1925 x2
1928 x1
No date visible x7

1900 Barber Head Quarter x1
1904 Liberty Head Nickel x1
1905 Liberty Head Nickel x1
1910 Barber Head Dime x1
1895 Liberty Head Nickel x1

$20 Confederate Bill



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    Price drop to 900 shipped w/ tracking and insurance.

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    Last price dropped to 850 shipped

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    jonathanbjonathanb Posts: 3,428 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Help us with the math here? I count about $30 face value of 90% silver, and some other odds and ends. Why isn't that worth about $550, give or take a bit?

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    Not a coin collector but did the math and it’s about $800 of silver value alone. Plus anything that may be worth more.

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    TomBTomB Posts: 20,733 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Oldreignman said:
    Not a coin collector but did the math and it’s about $800 of silver value alone. Plus anything that may be worth more.

    Your math is slightly off.

    The spot price of silver is quite dynamic, but at the current silver bullion price of $24.47 the 90% silver in your listing (excluding the three Peace dollars) has a value of $591.22 and the 40% silver has a value of $32.57. The 9 JFK halves from 1965-1968 are 40% silver and, as such, are worth less while the 1776-1976 JFK half is clad and worth only face value.

    The three Peace dollars are worth more than their bullion value (perhaps $25 each), but the Liberty nickels and IHCs have negligible values. This would yield a coin value of about $698.79 for the Peace dollars plus all the silver while the remaining coins are only a few dollars more, perhaps a total of $710 for all the coins at full value as shown. The Confederate bill is in the $20-$40 range, as well.

    The website below will help you calculate the value of the silver-


    Regardless, good luck with the sale.

    Thomas Bush Numismatics & Numismatic Photography

    In honor of the memory of Cpl. Michael E. Thompson

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    Thanks for the info. It seems my price is pretty close to actual value but considering everything I will lower the price to $750 PayPal invoiced with priority mail shipping.

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