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provenance on 1872-S Seated Dollar

I don't know if you are a member of this board but if you are I want to congratulate you on winning my 1872-S Seated dollar in last nights Great Collection auction.
I bought that coin in 1995 from the Aurora Coin Company in Washington State. The dealer told me he bought the coin from an elderly gentleman. That collector told him he had owned the coin more than 40 years and that it was a coin he inherited as a young man. Kicking off his collecting career.
The first time I heard the story of how only 9,000 were minted and 8,000 were almost at once sent to China to be melted I wanted to be a custodian for one of those survivors. I hope holding it fills you with the same sense of gravitas, wonder. I hope you too enjoy holding tangible history.
I am an elderly man now and my wife's car needs a tranny. That is why you have been given this opportunity. james

P.S. Thank you Ian at Great Collections. You provide a tremendous collector service.


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