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Coming Attractions

When I find a card I am after I also look to see what other cards might have been submitted with it so that I know what could be coming to the market.

'58 Cepeda. Pop 11, 1 Higher.

83093423,https://psacard.com/cert/83093423/psa 1958,TOPPS,BASEBALL CARDS,,343,ORLANDO CEPEDA,NM 7/Authentic

'74 Walton. Pop 2, 5 Higher.

83093425,https://psacard.com/cert/83093425/psa 1974,TOPPS,BASKETBALL CARDS,,39,BILL WALTON,NM+ 7.5/Authentic

'62 Perry. Pop 7, None Higher.

83093426,https://psacard.com/cert/83093426/psa 1962,TOPPS,BASEBALL CARDS,STAR ROOKIE,199,GAYLORD PERRY,NM 7/Authentic

'74 Winfield. Pop 4, None Higher. On eBay 4sc now.

83093427,https://psacard.com/cert/83093427/psa 1974,TOPPS,BASEBALL CARDS,,456,DAVE WINFIELD,MINT 9/Authentic


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