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Quality Control

Occasionally I come across some submissions which I think are incorrectly graded. Sometimes under-graded, sometimes over-graded. I like to watch the trends and I continue to submit with PSA.

Here is a submission which I came across that I found interesting.


I love this Marichal card, but this one is rough for the grade. There is an allowance for squiggly aged signatures and Marichal is still signing frequently, but this one was put in the sleeve too soon after signing and those 4 spots sh^H^Hwould prevent this signature from being a 10.

5/8 ?


Solid Killebrew. Strong signature in what I consider the preferred spot on this card. The grades are fair. It could be a 2,2.5,3 without complaint.



It's a great grade for the card. With the issues this card has in centering, corners, edges and surface... Maybe I am being overly harsh but I was thinking...



Wow. I love this card. Strong for the card grade. The little fade on the H in the signature hurting the auto grade a bit, but taking nothing away from the clear, bold signature.

What do you think? Would you be happy with these results?


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