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FS: VERY RARE 1992 MARK MCGWIRE Clovis Poster uncut

I have a very RARE Mark McGwire uncut poster (Set of 24 cards). This is a high sought after set, this one is uncut. To my knowledge, there are less than 5 of these uncut posters- all owned by collectors.

Here is Becketts description:

This 24-card standard-size set was sponsored by the Clovis Police Department, The Oakland A's, and 25 Clovis area businesses. The program raised $9,200 in a four-day period. Both businesses and officers gave out 12 1/2" by 18" posters and cards, and graduating DARE students also received cards. The cards were cut from the poster, but some uncut posters (measuring approximately 20" by 25") with the cards still attached were given away to VIPs and sponsors for framing. The fronts feature color action photos of Mark McGwire on a green card face. The pictures have bright yellow borders, and the upper left corner is cut off to display the City of Clovis insignia. The player's name is printed in bright yellow print at the top. The backs features "Mark's Moments~ (various facts about McGwire) and public service messages. The cards are numbered on the back.

This was put away with my childhood items from the 90's. I didn't realized I had this or even what it was until about a month ago.

Looking to sell!

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