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Sarasota FL regional show report and new purchase


Went down to the new 4-day Sarasota coin show ( https://sarasotacoinshow.com ) on Friday. The table list that Gerry Fortin posted on his blog was underwhelming, so expectations were low, but the show is close to home so low risk/expense.

GFRC had the best spot right at the entrance, so they were my first stop. Gerry said sales were robust on Thursday, but completely dead Friday morning. My main show goal was to sell him an 1875-CC 20c in PCGS 62 CAC (TrueView below) that I'd picked up awhile back because it was a sharp coin, but didn't need for my set (already have a 64 CAC).

Gerry lit up about the coin—it has a strong strike for a 75-cc, and has excellent eye appeal for a 62—and we were able to quickly come to an agreement very near my asking price. He actually mentioned the purchase in his blog this morning:

GFRC only purchased two coins at the show. The first was an 1856-O PCGS MS63 CAC Seated half dollar that was spotted on the bourse by Dan. The second was a wonderful 1875-CC PCGS MS62 CAC double dime with bold strike and steely gray patina that walked up to the table. I will do my best to get these two lots photographed today as they should not last long on the price list.

After that I had a long conversation with Kriss Hammond at Numis Addicts. He had a great range of material, including some rarities and multiple 5-figure coins. He said CACG slabs are in demand and bringing strong money, and that he expects them to become the market's preferred TPG. I spotted a toned '45 Washington Quarter in his case, which was in my ideal grade and a date I still needed for my set, and we negotiated a fair price. That set is now 84% complete.

I chatted with the guys at Sarasota Rare Coin for a bit, and asked if they had any 20c pieces. They said they bought one at the show the day prior, a 76 business strike in 64. My ears perked up as that's the last business strike I need, in the right grade, but it was a blast white dipped example, which is the opposite of what I'm seeking.

There wasn't much else that caught my attention—most of the other tables were lower end, bullion-focused, or non-numismatic material. It was a very successful hour and a half for me between the sale and purchase, so I left feeling accomplished. I hope they can continue to grow this show now that the first one is in the books.

Nothing is as expensive as free money.


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