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PSA Bulk Value Submission Question

I am looking to create a value bulk submission with ~40 cards. A few questions:

1) I have a few standard auto cards (e.g. NBA Signature Series). Does it make sense to submit via this bulk submission for grading only, or should I be selecting the grading/auto option? Does it matter since these are standard auto cards or does it make a difference for valuation?

2) I have one card that, if graded 9+, the value will likely be >$500. It's a short print with limited history, so I don't even know how PSA would value it. Should this be submitted separately or does it matter? I know there is a separate option for expedited cards with higher value at $99.99.

3) Is submitting several copies of the same card a risk to grading? I understand there is a rigorous grading process, but could the grader select a single 10 among 3-4 because that single card looks slightly better than the others in the group? Or is this not an issue?

Thank you!


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    Does anyone actually respond in these forums?

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    PatriotTradingPatriotTrading Posts: 191 ✭✭✭
    1. I dont believe the dual authentication matters unless its a IP auto on a rookie card. Those are popular. they way I look at it, if its a a pack inserts auto, the buyer can see it themselves to determine the quality of it.
    2. Dont worry about that card. PSA can't pull values out of the air. If it was a 2018 Ohtani Auto, they'll probably up charge you but more often than not, it wont even be a blip.
    3. Its possible as they are human but doubtful they do it intentionally. They'll grade each card on their own merits.
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    swish54swish54 Posts: 688 ✭✭✭✭
    1. If it's a pack pulled autograph, it can be included in this submission. IP/TTM auto's could not.
    2. Send it in this submission, if it has an egregious value after grading, you'll get up charged later.
    3. Each card should be graded by itself, so it shouldn't matter.
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