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Ebay Standard Envelope coin shipping - claim for lost shipment

mbogomanmbogoman Posts: 5,124 ✭✭✭✭✭

I recently had a coin that I shipped using Ebay Standard Envelope get lost during shipping. For reference purposes, it was a 1 Euro coin that sold for $10.75. The coin was in a flip, then the flip was taped inside a thin cardboard section (two sides) of a Priority Mail flat rate envelope, which was then placed in a standard business envelope with all seals reinforced with clear packing tape. I have sent hundreds of shipments successfully using this method.

Anyway, the lost shipment's last tracking update was "Out for Delivery" (on a Sunday no less, probably a sign that something was wrong). After two weeks and no further updates, I issued a refund to the buyer and talked to Ebay. Policy stated that I must wait 30 days before filing a claim. Yesterday was 30 days, so I filed. It was pretty easy. I had to attach screen shots of the transaction details from Ebay as well as a message from the buyer stating that the item had not arrived. Also had to provide a Paypal address.

Lo and behold, I just got a message from Paypal stating that $10.75 had been paid into my account from "Parcel Insurance Plan". No muss, no fuss, no further questions from Ebay and a refund into my account in a little over 24 hours!! Surprised the heck out of me!!!


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