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PCGS can you send me my coins?

Where are my coins PCGS? FedEx said they attempted delivery three times from 1/31 to 2/4. Wife is retired, no delivery and no delivery notice. Coins are sent back to PCGS on 2/7 and arrive back in Irvine on 2/12. I have emailed PCGS twice to arrange a second attempt and have not heard back. I called PCGS and I was on hold for 1 hour the first time and 50 minutes for the second time only to get someone who I can barely hear and understand. It must be a hired call center. After a few minutes she puts me back on hold unexpectedly and I give up. Just a rant, I know I should have made arrangements with FedEx to hold. Show me a coin that you waited a long time for. 


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    epcepc Posts: 161 ✭✭✭✭

    I've had USPS and FedEx send things to someone else's address across town. It has the same number and first three letters of the street name. Fortunately, I get email status updates from both, so I can at least know where to go to get my stuff. Once I called USPS to retrieve my package ($25K of coins...) from that other house the afternoon it was delivered there. Once I just porch pirated a package when no one answered the door. And twice I got to speak with the nice lady who had taken my packages in. Sign up with the various shippers to get those status updates. I hope you get your coins soon...

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