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PCGS Set registry no longer compatible with Trueview from PCGS Asia

Here is what is happening, I have submitted a decent amount of coins through dealer to PCGS Asia. All coins have trueview request. Coins came back and I added them to my registry, but most of them does not have their Trueview image show up in the registry, it is either empty or show the holder image.

Upon more investigation, I found that PCGS set registry probably attempt to fetch the Trueview image from https://images.pcgs.com/trueview/XXXXX. I tested my coin and true enough none of them how a valid trueview image api link working. Just show access denied.

Contacted my dealer to feedback to PCGS asia. PCGS claim it is PCGS set registry problem and also they are using a new system to upload Trueview image so they no longer provide that Trueview image link. They told me to download the TrueView image and upload it to PCGS set registry myself.

Will like to know if any one else has encountered this problem. I have instead contacted PCGS customer support to see if they can get their system straighten out and compatible again. Still waiting for their reply.

p.s. PCGS asia has bad trueview image quality, many of the images have the a significant amount of the coin rim cropped away, image does not come with PCGS logo, overexposed, color look nothing like the coin under normal light.

Any PCGS officials can help with this?

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