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FS: 390 PSA type card holders from Alibaba --- see photos

Hey all I purchased 400 count lots of these that costs 350$ with shipping.....

I have 390 of theseleft here in New Jersey ---

They are the glue down (i guess you can press if you have the machine?) but not snap tight.

If anyone wants this last bunch I can let go for $200 net if you can pickup or provide shipping label...

Please message and maybe email me for speed...




Topps White Out (silver) letters Alex Gordon
80 Topps Greg Pryor “No Name"
90 ProSet Dexter Manley error
90 Topps Jeff King Yellow back
1958 Topps Pancho Herrera (no“a”)
81 Topps Art Howe (black smear above hat)
91 D A. Hawkins BC-12 “Pitcher”
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