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Thoughts on this No Initials Walking Liberty Half Dollar?

tincuptincup Posts: 4,785 ✭✭✭✭✭

This is a 1943-S date. Looks good on the actual coin in hand, but with magnification looks like some rather crude work. Though.... the abrasions are also apparent around the 'R' of DOLLAR, which would make me think it was done at the US Mint. and there is a very small metal 'point', perhaps two, that shows projecting out from the base, to the left of where the initials should be located. (which would kind of line up with a die clash with the obverse die sheath leaves).

So, perhaps a fast crude repair by the US Mint after a die clash? there are also similar abrasions under HALF, It does appear to be a die that is getting to be worn... note the 'tail' on the bottom of the S mint mark. Anyways, opinions welcome.

----- kj

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