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Inherited my grandfathers coin collection and we have to split it up 4 ways.

I've recently Inherited my grandfathers albums and we have to split it up 4 ways. Need to get it valued or sell it as a whole, that's if it's worth anything at all?

Yes another one of these threads. He was a collector for 90 years, and always seemed to think it's worth something.

It's a cool looking collection, Lots from British Guyana, (where he grew up), USA, so many countries I just don't know where to start. A point in the right direction would be a massive help.

I have documented the collection and have made a link via Adobe Acrobat. I enabled a text recognition feature so you should be able to search keywords too.



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    easy to split the collection, simply cut each coin into quarters and distribute

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    It's all about what the people want...

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    file not available

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    even tho it's adobe's site, i don't want another account at another site.

    as shown above, just drag and drop the pdf into the comment box and it will post here

    for the usa stuff, did he have a lot of silver coins from 1964 and before?

    were these coins all pulled from pocket change?

    got pictures?

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    Try your local dealer, i do it all the time for folks, if I end up buying all or any portion, I usually dont charge them, if there is no intention of selling. I do, and schedule it around the shop hours. I cannont use shop open time to do appraisals where the fee paid is way less than taking of care of customers who are in here selling.

    Last year , I had a family with a large deal to split, but had no intention of selling , they wanted me to close the store during regular hours to help them solely . I kindly said, it aint happening.

  • The PDF was hard to open at 385 pages. Mostly common world coins that you find in the bulk bin at shows, but just enough stuff in there to be of interest to a small-time collector like me. I sent a PM to the poster. I think it would be fun to acquire a collection and sort thru it.

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    Sorry for your family's loss.

    Our family was in the same situation 30+ years ago, a couple of years after our grandfather's passing.

    We hired a coin dealer that we knew our grandfather trusted, paying him a pre-arranged, fair fee to value all the coins. We made it clear to him that we were not interested in selling him any of the coins. The dealer was happy to see the entire collection.

    Most already had their condition written on cardboard or in Whitman folders, none were graded by any of the services, and some , e.g., junk silver, were just in loose piles.

    The assessment took a good amount of time, but he returned to us with valuations on all the coins.

    Based on those values, my brother and I spent an afternoon dividing the coins between the 5 grandchildren.

    In the end, each pile was worth the same value. If there were whole (or nearly) complete sets of a certain type, we kept the groupings together.

    The great thing was our being able to reminisce about our grandfather.

    The only thing that surprised us was there were a couple counterfeit and a few cleaned coins found in the lot, which the dealer highlighted and reflected in his valuations.

    No arguments, no complaints, no disappointments then, or this many years later.

    I hope this is helpful, and wish you well in working this out.

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