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Does PSA deduct a grade(s) for fish eyes on 1975 Topps baseball cards.

My buddy has hundreds of 75 commons and many hall of famers and I noticed that ample cards have fish eyes. For the point of discussion lets say a card has four sharp corners and is nicely centered and would grade either a PSA 8 or 9, will PSA deduct for one decent size fish eye?

I have seen many PSA graded cards with fish eyes that received a PSA 8 or 9 on EBAY but I'm not sure if PSA is deducting on current submissions.


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    Depends how distracting it is.

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    They are inconsistent on this. A '75 Aaron PSA 9 just sold on eBay for $8k+. It was an older flip and had a noticeable fisheye.

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    On Monday no but Tue-Fri Yes they will

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    Similar to feint scratches on chrome cards, it just depends where it is on the card. My experience is that the closer it is to the player's face, the greater the impact.

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    I've got a tough 75 common in PSA 9 up now with an ugly fisheye. i think they are tougher on stars than commons,

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    I've had grade deductions for fisheyes on the back of cards. I would expect a deduction.


  • Here's an example of a recent sale on EBAY. For the point of discussion let's say this card would be a PSA 8/9 if sent to PSA. Would the fisheye or whatever that mark is called drop the grade to a 6 or 7 or possibly even lower?

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  • Any opinions on the example I provided?

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    A few years ago I would think you would be looking at a PD (print defect) qualifier and a higher # grade, unless you choose no qualifiers, in which case your card would take a 2 point hit to the awarded grade. Now, with very few qualifiers used, I think your grade starts at 8 instead of 10, and goes down from there.

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    With a flaw like that and in todays grading. Plus corner wear.I’d only hope for a 6. Price and value not really worth the risk with a flaw like that. You could spend 19.00 plus sh both ways . And end up with a .99 cent ebay sale then add all the fees listed.

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