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Hoping for help on valuing passed Father In Law's Bills

Hi Currency Folks,

The Coin folks sent me over...

I am trying to help my Mother In Law value and sell these to add to her retirement reserve after my FIL passed 2 years ago.

Can folks suggest the best way to determine value and sell these (dealer, online...)? All help is greatly appreciated.


The below spreadsheet is much easier to work with.


If you also like coins check out my post on that side - https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/comment/13671505#Comment_13671505

Thank you for any help of suggestions!


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    jeffas1974jeffas1974 Posts: 314 ✭✭✭

    The more valuable notes are in somewhat rough shape but the $5 porthole (SN A3541665B) is your most valuable one by a good margin. I would guess that you should hopefully be able to get over $500 for it assuming that whatever is going on with the pink color on the note is a reflection off of the holder and not an issue with the note itself. My thought is that it's probably a F15 grade.

    The rest of the notes are either too common or in too rough of a shape to be worth spending much time over and you would probably be best served taking them as a lot to a LCS. For the porthole if you decide to sell it locally, shop it around to several dealers to make sure you are getting a reasonable price and you might want to even offer it on the BST section of the forum here.

    Hopefully others can comment as well since I know there are members on the forum with a lot more experience than me.

    Good luck!

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    TookybanditTookybandit Posts: 3,411 ✭✭✭✭

    I agree the 1923 $5 is the only item with significant value in the group. I see a small margin tear which also affects the value. Still even with the defect it is worth at least $700 in that condition. With better pictures I would likely pay $750

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