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My first solo CAC submission results.

2windy2fish2windy2fish Posts: 817 ✭✭✭✭✭

I was on the wait list for about a year, got approved in November.
I had submitted once before through another dealer but this was my first go around.
Notes and expectations;
1800 Large Cent, i thought this was a lock, super nice surfaces and conservatively graded.
1909 VDB this one i thought would sticker as well.
1944 67RD a bit of a gamble, but surely a nice bump if stickered and i bought the coin correctly.
1925-S Merc confident this would sticker
1928-S Merc actually didn’t think this would sticker but had to try! This coin was Express level so the fee stung a little but i bought the coin raw and was pleasantly surprised by the grade…so “Playing with house money “
1920 SLQ actually thought it likely it would not sticker, same comment as 28-S Merc tho!
1923 SLQ a gamble
1924-S SLQ I felt like this coin was PQ
1916-S Walker Purchased as a MS63, in a terrible PCGS holder, scratched, chipped, and no Trueview, submitted as a regrade as i thought the coin was better than assigned grade, alas same grade, thus very confident it would sticker.
The pair of 29-S Walkers? Purchased raw, then graded, felt likely that the 64 wouldn’t sticker and no real opinion on the 58…again playing with house money on these, nothing ventured nothing gained.
The 1944 Walker and Commemoratives i thought were nice but?
The pleasant surprise was of course the 44 Merc, i felt strongly that it would sticker but had no expectations of Gold.
I have not seen the “Note” before that CAC taped to the 44!
Overall i was happy with the submission and CAC’s process is efficient and quick.
Side note, interesting that the 44 Walker and Pilgrim rotated in their holders while traveling…
Curious what the forum thinks?


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