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FS PRICES REDUCED: 1818 CBH O-109 AU, 1827 CBH O-112 EF Double Struck/Dentil Tracks, 1836/336 CBH EF

Davidk7Davidk7 Posts: 234 ✭✭✭
edited February 19, 2024 12:29PM in Buy, Sell, & Trade - U.S. Coins

Hello, I am selling some raw Capped Bust Half Dollars I got in recently. I accept PPGS/FF, Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Mailed Check etc. I am open to offers on every coin as well! Thanks for looking!

1818 Capped Bust Half Dollar O-109 AU - $680 (50 bid)

1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar O-112, Double Struck Obverse with Dentil Tracks EF+ - $650
Eyeappealingcoins sold an 1818 in VG for the same price, and David Kahn had a VF20 1809 III Edge sell for 1150, so I tried pricing this reasonably.

1836/336 Capped Bust Half Dollar O-108a EF+ - $300 (40 bid)

Collector of Capped Bust Halves, SLQ's, Commems, and random cool stuff! @davidv_numismatics on Instagram


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