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2oz High Relief Silver Tributes w/ Many Classic US Coin Designs by Intaglio Mint FSH: NEW STOCK 2/23

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The Intaglio Mint has reproduced a number of classic US designs in high relief as thick 39mm/2oz rounds struck in .999 silver (some in higher relief than others; the 1804 dollar, Saint Gaudens, 1921 Peace dollar, and 1910-D $10 Indian are particularly glorious in my eyes). They're released in low quantities (often just a handful) at unpredictable times, and they can sell out in minutes when they do become available (there are multiple designs that have been "in stock" numerous times and I still haven't gotten one). As a bonus, their shipping adds up quickly. I think these pieces are really neat (many are designs I'll never be able to afford, especially in a high grade) and I have at least one of everything below in my collection, and multiples of my favorite designs (other designs aren't listed below because I was only able to get my hands on one). To help defray the shipping costs when I've bought them, I've picked up some extras, which are available here. All of these prices should be below the lowest listed prices on eBay (including my own listing, which I've tried to keep priced below everyone else--there are no fees here, so prices can go down).

A few pieces are offered with an antique finish, giving the rounds a dark toned appearance, which is somewhat glossy when directly illuminated. This finish is an add-on option, and there don't seem to be many available in the after-market.

Depending on design, some have more matte surfaces and others a bit more reflectivity in the fields and frost in the devices. These are bullion pieces as they came from Intaglio Mint; some have a few minor marks or a small bit of faint haze. Note that a few designs are 1oz or 1/2oz, as stated in the title and priced accordingly.

-Prices are net to me. I'm happy to take a fee-free payment (Zelle or Venmo preferred), or a with-fee payment if you cover the fee
-I will cover shipping

Quantity discounts:
-2 pieces: $1 off each
-3 to 4 pieces: $1.50 off each
-5 to 7 pieces: $2 off each
-8 to 11 pieces: $2.50 off each
-12+ pieces: $3.50 off each

Expect some new designs to be added around 3/10


**1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar: $73 (4 Available)

**1907 Saint Gaudens $20: $76 (4 Available)
I love this one... the originals in high relief (or ultra high relief) are works of art and way out of reach for me, but there's a lot of enjoyment to get out of these ones in silver.

**1898-O Barber Half Dollar: $76 (2 Available)

**1915 Pan-Pac $50 Octagonal: $84 (2 Available)
High relief, heavy and extra thick, and octagonal... this is a really cool piece!


1921 Peace Dollar: $70 (2 Available)

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: $71 (4 Available)

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Antique Finish: $86 (2 Available)

Pan-Pac $50 Round: $75 (1 Available)

1915-S Pan Pac $2.50: $72 (2 Available)

1915-S Pan Pac $2.50 Antique Finish: $87 (1 Available)

1948 Franklin Half Dollar: $70 (3 Available)

1914-D Lincoln Cent: $70 (1 Available)

1872 Amazonian Quarter Pattern: $69 (1 Available)

Designs shown below are sold out

1804 Silver Dollar: $71 (Sold Out)

1910-D $10 Gold Indian: $72 (Sold Out)

1910-D $10 Gold Indian, Antique Finish: $86 (sold out)

1910-D $10 Gold Indian, Antique Finish, small strike-thru on the reverse: $84 (sold out)

1860 Indian Head Cent: $70 (Sold Out)

1853 Seated Liberty Arrows & Rays: $75 (Sold Out)

1916-D Mercury Dime (30mm, 1oz): $40 (Sold Out)

1879 Stella Coiled Hair (30mm, 1/2oz): $26 (sold out)

1879 Stella Flowing Hair (30mm, 1/2oz): $26 (sold out)

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    Thanks Jeremy I look forward to seeing these in person.

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    PM Sent

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    I’ve got several of these and love them! Also have 2 of the $10 Indian purposefully made strike throughs, mintage of 10.

  • airplanenutairplanenut Posts: 21,901 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Lots of pieces sold so far, with quite a few designs now sold out. 4 new designs added 2/23.

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  • airplanenutairplanenut Posts: 21,901 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Some more sold, with a few new designs to be added in the next few days

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