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2005 Kansas and Oregon State Quarter $25.00 Mint bags $125.00 Face - 150.00 Shipped

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Digging through my closet I ran across some stuff that has not seen the light of day for a while. I have the following: State Quarters in the $25.00 Mint bags, . The boxes have been opened and written on (even a misspelling of Kansas) but the bags are still sealed and I have just stored them since they arrived.

2005 P Oregon US Mint Item QM2
2005 D Oregon US Mint Item QN2
2005 P Kansas US Mint Item QM3
2005 D Kansas US Mint Item QN3 (2)

On eBay these go for about $33.00 each plus about $9.00 in shipping, how about $150.00 for the lot?

Fun fact: The high price of Microsoft shares in June and August 2005 when these coins were issued was an average of about $18.86. For the $125.00 I spent on the quarters (there was also shipping etc.) I could have bought 6.63 shares of MSFT that at the posting of this note would be worth $2,782! Ya win some and you lose some :)

Anyway PPFF preferred, check or MO accepted also. Check will need to clear unless in the circle of trust.

Thanks and let me know you have any questions or need more info! Have a great day!

**Edited to correct verbiage.



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