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Private Collector,Selling a bunch of my dupes. See attached pdf file.

If anyone has any interest in any of these, I can send or post pictures. PDF list is attached.



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    You should list them here.. I'm not sure anyone wants to click on your external link, JMHO

  • Thanks and Thanks for your service. It's a pdf, not a link. Ill try.

  • 1831 25C B-3 R.5 ANACS XF45 7324819
    1831 25c B-2 R.2 VG08 NGC 4763894-003
    1831 25C B-6R.3 F12 PCGS 31852872
    1834 25c B-4 R.1 VF20 PCGS 20254070
    1835 25C B-1 R.1 VF 20 pcgs 13316894
    1836 25C B-2 r.1 pcgs F12 40525261
    1836 25C B-2 r.1 VF20 NGC 6464960-002
    1837 25C B-1 R.3 VF20 PCGS 37256416
    1837 25c B-3 R.4 VF20 NGC 5721393-018
    1837 25c B-4 r.3 f15 raw
    1795 50C 2 Leaves VG Details NCS
    1837 50C VF25 PCGS 34662153
    1877-S T$1 XF40 Details ANACS
    1799 S$1 13 Stars F02 Details PCI

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