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New Discord server for box breaks any interest here?

Hey everyone been a memeber on the board for a few years now since I started my set registry not a big poster more of a reader.
There is new server in discord and we are trying to gain members for anyone that like's to break some cards , sports , Lorcana etc. as well as sports memorabilia items some of our breaks are paid for but for one of the next ones coming up it will be free and you can claim spots in our discord we will be giving away a jeresy of your choice from 1 of the big 4 sports as well as some random sports cards.
I will post a you tube link for one of the streams and hope you check it out as the more people that on board the more our commnunity can give back as far as free breaks etc.
Hope some of you check it out and can answer any questions if needed and no I do not run this project to make it clear just being a shiller lol , but seriously we are just a small community hoping to make it bigger for people that have similar intrests.

Thanks for listening and my name on discord is galerider btw.
Hopefully I can post the links

and discord link


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