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I introduce myself, my name is Joaquín Santos and I live in Spain. Below I list the autographs that I have. Approximately half have COA, most of them issued by "SZES Forensic", www.szesforensic.com, an Expertise Office of a Spanish Handwriting Expert and, 6 issued by "Todd Müeller" (5 of them framed). Many autographs are on photographs (many of them dedicated), others on cards with official letterhead and the rest on a simple card or piece of paper, with the exception of "Tiger Woods", which is in a copy of "Sports Illustrated " from the year 2000. I provide the following email address for anyone who wants to contact and receive more information, [email protected].
Greetings and thank you.

Adams, Maud
Anderson, Bob
Anderson, Bob
Asimov, Isaac
Bacall, Lauren
Baker, Sala
Baker, Tom
Bamford, Simon
Barclay, David
Bardot, Brigitte
Bardot, Brigitte
Bardot, Brigitte
Barker, Clive
Barker, Clive
Barrowman, John
Basilio, Carmen
Blumenthal, Michael
Borbón, Juan Carlos I
Borbón, Juan Carlos I y Sofía
Bradbury, Ray
Bradbury, Ray (First Day of Issue)
Brooke, Edward W.
Bunker, Ellsworth
Campbell, David
Campbell, David
Carr, Gerald
Cartwright, Nancy
Cave, Jessica
Christopher, Warren
Clark, Ramsey
Cleveland, Carol
Collins, Leroy
Cooper, Gary
Daley, Richard M.
Darth Maul
Decio, David
Decio, David
Decio, David
Decio, David
Decio, David
Dempsey, Jack
Dillon, Douglas
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Dreyfuss, Richard
Durbin, Deanna
Edney, Beatie
Englund, Robert & Ironside, Michael
Evans, Linda
Fairbanks, Douglas
Farmer, James Leonard
Ferrer, Mel
Ferrigno, Lou
Fode and Beed
Fonda, Jane
Fortas, Abe
Fowler, Henry H.
Frizzell, Andee
Frøkjær, Cecilie
Frost Kennan, George
Fulmer, Gene
Glover, Danny
Goldberg, Arthur J.
Golden Gate Quartet
Goldwater, Barry
Gough, Michael
Gray, Linda
Gugino, Carla
Hansen, Gunnar
Henriksen, Lance
Hepburn, Katharine
Hodder, Kane
Horne, Lena
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Hurt, John
Kassebaum, Nancy
Katzenbach, Nicholas Deb
Kerr, Deborah
Kohler, Foy
Leigh, Janet
Leigh, Janet
Lewis, Jerry
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Loken, Kristanna
Lollobrigida, Gina
Loren, Sophia
Martin, Dean
Martin, Ricky
Martín du Gard, Roger (Manuscrito)
Martín du Gard, Roger (Manuscrito)
McCoy, Sylvester
Minnelli, Liza
Montand, Yves
Moore, Archie
Morrissey, David
Müller, Tricia
Muschallik, Nina
Nolte, Nick
Øgendhal, Mick
Øgendhal, Mick
Øgendhal, Mick
Parton, Dolly
Paul, Adrian
Pavarotti, Luciano
Plo Koon
Pungent Stench
Rabett, Catherine
Reston, James
Reynolds, Debbie
Ricci, Christina
Ricci, Christina
Richard, Cliff
Richard, Cliff
Rimmer, Shane
Roberts, Tanya
Roberts, Tanya
Rockefeller, Winthrop
Romero, George A.
Romney, George W.
Rooney, Mickey
Rourke, Mickey
Rumsfeld, Donald H.
Russell, Jane
Salisbury, Harrison E.
Schultz, Dwight
Shearer, Harry
Sherard, Robert H.
Singer, Marc
Smith, Maggie
Sorbo, Kevin
Stewart, Rod
Stone, Oliver
Symington, Stuart
Takei, George
Taylor, Benedict
Taylor, Maxwell D.
Thompson, Llewellyn E.
Thomson, George
Toro, Guillermo del
Tracy, Spencer
Travolta, John
Travolta, John
Troyer, Verne
Turner, Lana
Vince, Nicholas
Vince, Nicholas
Walton, Anna (1)
Walton, Anna (2)
Walton, Anna (3)
Whittaker, Roger
Wilkins, Roy
Willie, Pep
Williams, Esther
Willis, Bruce
Woods, Tiger
Yost, Charles W.

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