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GB Victorian followed by Edward VII and George III Coinage

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1889 Double Florin- Nice look but missed expectations- nice image

1838 Shilling is decent but just not an MS coin- nice image

1850 3 Pence- nice coin and missed expectations

The 1902 Shilling is quite common- I thought this was better than most but missed a GEM grade


This was one of the gambles in the submission- Tell me if it made expectations

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    Not that it matters but I think I would grade the 1838 at a "58". One problem with the higher relief Vick silvers is that the highest relief hair is not fully struck up and so with even minimal cabinet friction (or equivalent) smacks the coins at the TPGs....I always like to look at the fields, rims, Vick's brow, jaw and ear, etc. Might even argue for a "61".

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