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WTB vintage Houdini, pre-war golf and comedians

I am always looking for vintage Houdini cards, 1927 Churchman Golfers in PSA 8 or higher, 1928 Millhoff Golfers in PSA 8 or higher, Vintage Charlie Chaplin cards, and Our Gang/Little Rascals cards. I started collecting in 1958, owned two card shops 1987-1995, Larry Sports Galore and More

I deal in vintage golf cards(pre-80s), Houdini cards, vintage comedian cards (Marx Bros, Keaton, Chaplin, 3 Stooges etc.), Our Gang/Little Rascals cards, and vintage boxing cards. Been a collector for 50 years, became a dealer 20 years ago, owned and operated 2 card shops for many years, now only online!!!


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