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Colonial Notes from John J. Ford Sale

I'm curious; I thought I had them lying around and I can't find any of them.

IIRC there were some spectacular looking coins and I'd love to see some of the pictures of the colonial coins that were auctioned a few years ago.


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    There were over 20 Ford sales, many of which contained major collections of colonial coinage and currency. So, you will have to look through a lot of sales to find individual coins, though many of the best colonials were in the 2003-2007 range.

    All of the auction catalogs are able to be viewed on the Newman Numismatic Portal. Just search under auction companies, Stacks, and they have all the sales for every single year of their existence (for the most part) there!

    If you are looking for a specific series and are having trouble finding that sale, I’m sure I can point you in the right year/direction.

    Edited to add: For example, here is Ford Part I which included NJ coppers, Vermonts, Continental Dollars and Fugios.


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    Unfortunately, there were colonial notes from the Boyd/Ford sales that were auctioned off last year. The notes were described fairly accurately, but the problem that I have is that someone had the gall to have many of them professionally restored, stains removed, pieces added, trimmed, repaired, designs redrawn, etc. Talk about ruining the integrity of the note. Yes they look nicer, but I personally have zero interest in owning them.

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