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What is the spot price of silver and gold and what is an ounce going to cost , today ?

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    If you keep this up can you put up the G&S ratio so I don't have to do the math :D
    88.51 today.

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    I have a friend that is looking for some 90% silver to melt down and make a couple of belt buckles for his grandkids. He was asking me what it would take to get about 5 ounces. So I would be looking for about $7 face in junk 90%. This stuff can be bent, scratched, etc since it will be melted down. What should I expect to pay for 90% at $23.27 spot? Is 17x face a reality?

    Looking on eBay I see $10 face of 90% is selling for about $180 shipped, so close to spot isn't bad.

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    My fault for the slight dip, I bought 6 ounces of silver yesterday at 2x spot. :o
    That was with shipping and fees, only saving grace was they are vintage... antique maybe? 1973 rounds. :D

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