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2nd annual Cedar Rapids, Iowa Superbowl Card Show

Anyone within a couple of hours may be interested in a card show in the town of my birthplace. This will be my first show since I was a child and should be the best Iowa has to offer (stop laughing already πŸ˜‚).


If anyone plans to go and wants to meet up then I may have memorabilia you are interested in for cheap or free. I spoke to the show promoter for almost 2 hours today and he has made promoting shows a full time job because he saw the hobby dying in the area because of the lack of shows. He does them all over Iowa and his heart seems to be in the right place.

There's plenty to see and do near the venue if your wife and kids want to come along. There is a nice and dying indoor mall with limited food court, and a sports store in the basement level, and tons of restaurants all around it with a huge variety of options. I suggest checking out one of the Indian restaurants as there is a large population of folks from India and you'll never leave with the feeling of greasy food getting ready to wreck a janitors day.

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