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PCGS # for No Date Allsteadt Germany 50 Pfennig Notgeld Funck #9.3

I have another no date piece of Notgeld that I have been unable to identify in the PCGS Germany population reports.
I hope someone here will know the PCGS number.
The coin description is as follows:
No Date 50 Pfennig
Germany City of Allsteadt, Federal state of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
Iron, Round, I suspect it was made between 1918 and 1924.
Funck #9.3



  • Bob13Bob13 Posts: 1,412 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is it possible there are no pcgs certified coins of that type?

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  • RSBRSB Posts: 6
    edited February 4, 2024 7:50AM

    That would be nice considering the one I have is in really good shape, although possibly cleaned

  • SapyxSapyx Posts: 1,966 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Only a tiny fraction of Notgeld coin types have been slabbed by PCGS. There are thousands of different types of Notgeld coins; but the PCGS Pop Report summary pages for Notgeld are here:

    1914-1918: 7 types, 11 total coins slabbed. https://www.pcgs.com/pop/detail/notgeld-1914-1918/245856/0?t=5&pn=1

    1919-1923: 27 types, 79 total coins slabbed. https://www.pcgs.com/pop/detail/notgeld-1919-1923/245857/0?t=5&pn=1

    That's 34 types total, with a total of 90 notgeld coins in PCGS holders.

    There may be some slabbed Notgeld that date from before the initiation of the pop reports, so don't appear in the totals; no idea there. There are also a couple that seem to have been mis-categorized and filed under "Medals and tokens" rather than "Notgeld".

    I've got 31 different types of Notgeld in my collection. Only two of them are of types represented in a PCGS slab.

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  • jdmernjdmern Posts: 286 ✭✭✭

    I've personally sent in more than 90 types, I think a lot of them are mis categorized in the population reports

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