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Kennedy half dollars - Basic set - Need a few upgrades

I am looking for PCGS slabbed coins in the following years and MM. if you are willing to sell me or want to trade (I have a few Morgan’s and a lot of Kennedy’s (graded MS 65-66+) let me know.
I need:
1979 -P (MS 66 or 67)
1991- D (MS 66 or 67)
Both of these would be upgrading the only 65’s I currently have.
I am also looking for a MS 67 or 68 in a
2009- D ( Not a Satin finish )
I have only one satin finish coin in my collection that’s this coin. I would love to remove the Satin finish coin and replace it with a clad that is MS-67 or higher.
Please contact me to make arrangements

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