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2 Recent pickups - Large Notes - A 1906 $20.00 Gold Note

I wanted to share a couple or recent additions
to our ever growing currency collection.
Myself an avid collector of coins however, my
Wife loves the currency and the incredible artwork.
I have enjoyed reading the posts and as a new poster in the currency and coin threads I thought it would be nice to share a couple of our items.
Thank you for looking and your comments are always welcome,
Positive or Negative…all is ever ask is if it is negative be respectful as I will always support and take negative criticism if presented in a respectful manner.

  • I am trying to find a place to host photos on the web so I can add them to my posts without having you need to click on the attachments. Please bare with me as I research my options.

Thanks again for having us,

Scott and Mallory
SMY Utah Collection on the PCGS set registry
“Shes Currency and I’m Coin”
But aren’t all wives currency 💴 and we
are usually left with just a few coins.


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